For a better understanding of the color design of your images here are a few examplesThese are just examples! Please have also a look to the above menu points ARCHIVE and ART BOOK with the pictures of the recent events! 

Please note:

Meditation in the religious or esoteric sense plays no role! By our artistic exhibition and presentation concept we examine only the attentive and relaxing viewing of a work of art! 

(format max. 14 x 14 cm on paper)

The following colors are acceptable: 

  • All basic colors, shades and their color tones or different nuances of one color; The submitted pictures can also be multicolored or black/white (at least one picture should be colored);
  • No more than three artworks. (Also only one picture is okay!);
  • You are free to choose your subject and style, but the artworks should be suitable for mindful and relaxing contemplation.
  • Please read about the diffrent TECHNIQUES in the updated Rules!
  • No frames, no mounts.


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miniprint exhibitions picture example for Enter into Art events - Fascination of worldwide art and color



Black and White


Since you're invited, we guarantee your participation!