Annual exhibitions with contest: 

Miniprint + mixed media (max. 14 x 14 cm)

4th 'Enter into Art' International Installations 2017-18 in Germany

The most important things of the exhibition period (art book, contest, online show) take place in connection with the upcoming exhibitions!

Please note that these exhibitions are for invited artists only and with guaranteed participation, depending on the entry date. You can choose your subject free! Only once, we need a maximum of three images, which are then shown in all the exhibitions. The events and your artwork will be documented in an annual designed art book (catalog), which we will send to you free of charge when we return your pictures.

Main and last deadline:
  • January 31, 2018
  • main exhibition, traveling exhibition + additional exhibition*
Exhibition sites: Cologne, Weißenthurm + Kobern-Gondorf

* We have recently decided that all participants will also receive the additional exhibition in Kobern-Gondorf on the River Moselle.

(The pictures must arrive no later than mid-February, the sooner the better!)

The overall participation fee must be paid only once for an exhibition period: only Euro 68 for the remaining exhibition period. 

To register for the exhibition period 2017-18:
    • Please see the exhibition schedule with the deadline!
    • Please follow PART 1 in our rules (points THEME, TECHNIQUES, WORKS and PAYMENT)
    • Pay the entry fee and fill out the digital card. Send the card by email!
    • Please sign the entry form and send it together with your original pictures to the following address:
    Kurt Ries and Gabriele Walter
    Pützstücker Straße 45
    D-53639 Königswinter

    Download of the Rules in English

    (If you prefer the rules in German language, please send us an email.)

    Download of the Entry Form (as doc.file)
    The entry form is included also in our Rules (as PDF).

    Download of the Digital Card
    Please send the digital card by email to one of the following email addresses:



    What is included? Please read the point "Entry fee" in our rules!

    The exhibition offers and the prices of one period can change each year. This also applies to the prices within a period, which we adjust according to the respective requirements.

    Important: Please enter our email address into your email address book or email contact list, so that all emails arrive safely! You can find your address list in the menu bar of your email software. And please make sure the email address is correct!

    If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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