Friday, May 8, 2015

Information miniprint traveling exhibitions in the Rhein-Lahn region

In this post we would like to present the venues as well as the general locations of our two traveling exhibitions. The spa region of the River Lahn, which flows a few kilometers away from Cologne in the romantic Rhineland, is a picturesque landscape popular with tourists. Another travelling exhibition is being planned with new event ideas in the Bonn-Rhine region.

Dear artists and interested parties,

As fellow artists and service providers for Public Relations in the field of arts funding, we are pleased to present our traveling exhibitions.

Cultural-historical and scenically attractive locations

River Lahn with the Goethe vineyard
Our exhibition concept allows each event to be embedded in an attractive touristic region, which helps us communicate the information attractively in our travel and relaxation blog Bernsteinrose, as well as in the press and in correspondence with relevant interested parties. The restful charisma of the locations underpins our theme of relaxation and our emphasis on intercultural exhibition.

For the setting of the first two traveling exhibitions we have selected one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. As a complement to our main exhibition in Cologne the art installations are taking place about 150 km away from the city in the beautiful Lahn Valley.

Cologne and the two towns on the River Lahn can also be reached by boat on the Rhine, a restful and relaxing trip. The romantic Rhine has always been a Mecca for artists and poets. Heinrich Heine wrote the world-famous poem ‘Lorelei’ here. The house where he was born is in Dusseldorf, and he was a student in Bonn.

A symbiosis of medieval castles and chateaux

The romantic Rhine is at its best where it leads into the equally scenic and fairytale-like River Lahn. This landscape can be discovered with all the senses. At every step we encounter here a very special symbiosis of castles, medieval half-timbered houses and wonderful wines.

Enter into Art exhibition in Diez 2016
Along the Lahn is not only a popular spa route with warm mineral springs, but also a beautiful biking path. All this of course fits perfectly with our theme of relaxation and meditation with art. Only a few kilometers from the famous German thermal spa of Bad Ems, the town of Nassau lies on the river, a castle towering on the hillside above it.

Traveling exhibitions in Nassau and Diez

Enter into Art exhibition 2016 in Nassau
The traveling exhibition in Nassau takes place in the beautiful showroom of the G√ľnter Leifheit cultural center. It is the Municipal Museum of Nassau. The Tourist Information Office is in the same building: Obertal 9a, 56377 Nassau / Lahn.

Situated 20 km upriver and only 5 km away from the picturesque cathedral city of Limburg lies the medieval half-timbered town of Diez. Regular exhibitions and readings take place in the Haus Eberhard mansion with a romantic garden on the river.

Enter into Art exhibition 2016 in Nassau
The municipal archives are also located here and a memorial plaque is to be seen commemorating the pacifist German poet and dramatist Fritz von Unruh, an honorary citizen of the town. A walk through picturesque medieval streets leads up to the old castle, which now houses a youth hostel. Outside the city is the famous Oranienstein Castle.

The traveling exhibition in Diez takes place in the cultural centre House Eberhard, Pfaffengasse 29, 65582 Diez, Germany.

Please see the exact dates of the traveling exhibitions here.

The reward is in the journey

Closed to Bonn on the Rhine river
Following the motto ‘the reward is in the journey’, the times and places of our touring exhibitions can be arranged at short notice. We are talking here principally about further traveling exhibitions, whose location could be planned relatively spontaneously. The exhibition could take place also in a more distant region. In any case, we are pleased that we are able to publish all the pictures in our wonderful German Online Show too.

An alternative traveling exhibition with new event ideas might take place in the Bonn-Rhine region. Such traveling exhibition taking place depends on several things. We always develop new ideas for an extraordinary exhibition concept, which incorporates both an enchanting and a spectacular character. We are working on it; surprises are not excluded and will be realized in the short term. We’ll keep you up to date.

In any case we are pleased that we are able to publish all the pictures in our wonderful German Online Show too.

If you register as a reader on our blog (, we will keep you informed in our newsletters, as well as reporting on our artistic intentions and inspirations. 

We look forward to your participation and our successful collaboration!