Thursday, May 7, 2015

Welcome to!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our website. We are convinced that your participation in our extraordinary art installations will lead to successful promotion and enhanced recognition of your artwork.

The first bonus Prelude exhibition took place from August 16 to August 30, 2015 

Dear artists and interested parties,

We are pleased to welcome you to our website ‘Enter into Art’ is the slogan for our artistic exhibition and presentation concept.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described art as ‘a communicator of the inexpressible.’ A core problem of the mediation of contemporary art is what it says to the viewer, and how understanding and enthusiasm can be awakened. The best PR therefore leads viewers to respond voluntarily to the artworks.

In our art projects we build on these ideas and consciously seek to draw attention to your images through an artistically charged exhibition design, without compromising the independence of your work or appearing like advertising. As a result, both visitors and promoters become more financially involved. Our art events are special experiences.

As you can read in the section ‘About Us’, we are committed to arts funding both as artists and as PR journalists. We are well acquainted with the interests of artists, so we can represent artistic interests accordingly. Public Relations is in the long run the best ‘advertising.’ With artistic offerings flooding the market, a particularly attractive presentation is important to attract visitors. Art images flood our everyday lives, and many people are clueless as to how to deal with them. They perceive pictures only in passing without time for contemplation. 

For more information about our goals and content see the sections ‘Home’, ‘Aims and Tasks’, 'Examples' and 'Exhibitions'. We will also be publishing our ‘Concept’ during the public exhibitions. To supplement this information, we want to keep you up to date in our blogs on Please feel free to subscribe to the posts to stay informed about our latest news by email. For this you can use the form in the sidebar: "Follow by Email"!

As our intercultural installations and presentations are taking place for the first time, in some respects these are new experiences for us. We are determined to keep you informed also by direct e-mails and to work with you transparently and reliably. We’re grateful for all suggestions, criticisms and constructive comments! Of course we are also available to answer questions. Please send us an email to:

Already published:
  • Information about our two art installations in Cologne (main exhibition February/March 2016 and bonus issue in summer 2015);
  • More information about our two traveling exhibitions in Lahntal (exhibition spaces and exhibition venues).

The following newsletters are planned for the near future:
  • Informations about our framework programm for the exhibitions,
  • More information about our jury system and the award of prizes (participating artists are involved);

Other blog topics and information:

  • Thoughts on the third exhibition – possibly in other parts of Germany, in Luxembourg or in the Netherlands or elsewhere abroad;
  • Information about the planned artbook for the exhibitions;
  • Further information about our PR work in arts funding;
  • Documentation of current exhibitions (art installations); 
    • Participating artists and images;
  • Information about the online show in our Bernsteinrose blog (the German website
  • Specialist articles on the topic ‘Art, color and Meditation’;
  • Notification of the Awards;
  • Announcement of new exhibitions.
We look forward to your participation and our successful collaboration!

Sincerely yours

Kurt Ries (artist and printmaker) and Gabriele Walter (poet and writer)