Friday, May 8, 2015

More information about our miniprint exhibitions in Cologne

In this post we would like to introduce both the location of Cologne and the exhibition spaces at the ‘Kulturbunker’ cultural center in Cologne-Mülheim in more detail. Our main exhibitions will take place in Cologne. The premises are ideal for our art installations. For information on our traveling exhibitions please see our next post!

Dear artists and interested parties,

We would like to give you some more detailed information about our art installations in Cologne and the exhibition spaces in the Mülheim district. For information on the touring exhibitions, please see the next blog post.

City tour Cologne

If you want to travel to Cologne, here is the link of Cologne-Tourisme!

Main exhibitions in Cologne

Cultural Center in Cologne-Mülheim
Our main exhibitions will be held at the cultural center in Cologne-Mülheim: Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim e.V., Berliner Str. 20, 51063 Köln.

The gallery rooms have a total area of about 160 square meters, spread over three rectangular rooms, which are interconnected. The premises have been carefully selected and are ideal for our art installations, among other things, because we offer three different room designs.

The ‘Kulturbunker’ cultural center was established in 2000 and offers regular art exhibitions and artistic performances. These include theater performances, cabaret, readings and concerts. The focus is on international cultural exchange. In addition, a public café is located in the building on two floors.

In the Cafe of the Cultural Centre
The building is one of the most impressive new cultural centers in Germany. Contemporary art presented here is not self-forgetful, but appears to admonish in connection with the history of the city.

Opening 2016 in Cologne
Opening 2015 in Cologne

Art in the Cologne region

The ‘Kulturbunker’ cultural center is located on the marketplace in the lively residential and commercial center of Cologne-Mülheim. The district is located directly on the Rhine and can be reached via a bridge over the river. There are many shops, restaurants and cultural attractions nearby.

View on the river Rhine in Cologne-Mülheim
The intercultural lifestyle in the district fits perfectly to our exhibition theme. Nearby the city of Cologne and its Cathedral, it can be reached by public transport in just a few minutes. The cultural center has its own parking.

Alongside Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, Cologne (population one million) is both one of the most famous and one of the largest cities in Germany. Bonn, Cologne, and Dusseldorf with their famous museums and galleries form the most important cultural hubs of Germany.

Museums worth particular mention include: 

  • (Köln),
  • (Köln)
  • (Köln)
  • (Bonn)
  • (Düsseldorf),
  • (Düsseldorf),
  • (Brühl), 
  • (Bonn),
  • (Bonn).
  • (Rolandseck), 

And of course, takes place every year in Cologne, the world-famous art fair "Art Cologne"! The ART COLOGNE is the world's oldest existing fair for the visual arts of the 20th and 21st centuries.

World Heritage Cologne Cathedral

As world cultural heritage site the 157-m-high cathedral is artistically Cologne’s most valuable building. It was built mainly in the Gothic style. The world’s third largest cathedral, it was built between 1248 and 1880. The Cologne Cathedral represents a religious icon even for members of other religions.

The golden shrine in the cathedral holds preserved relics of the Three Kings, a pilgrimage goal for many thousands of Christians from around the world since the 13th century. The shrine originates from about 1200; it is not only the largest of the preserved Romanesque reliquaries, but also one of the most important works of medieval goldsmithery in Europe.

We look forward to your participation and our successful collaboration!