Saturday, July 11, 2015

Announcement of enter into art Bonus Exhibition - Cologne 2015

We would like to draw attention to our first bonus exhibition in August 2015. Among other channels the exhibition is announced on the website and in the literature of the Cologne-Muelheim Cultural Center, as well as in some local newspapers and magazines.

This year’s Enter into Art exhibition ‘Fascination of art, color and meditation from around the world’ opened on August 16, 2015.

Please use the regular deadline for our exhibitions in 2016: December 31, 2015!

Informations about the bonus exhibition in Cologne 2015

See also our gallery evening on Friday, 28 August, with poetry readingfilm and relaxing music within the exhibition:

Gallery evening

During exhibition opening times the cafe in the Cultural Center will usually be open. The exhibition can be visited also any time by appointment or using our ‘Relax with art, color and mindfulness’ guides, which direct visitors specifically towards the attentive and relaxed viewing of the artworks.

With the smaller introductory exhibition in Cologne we want to offer artists and other interested parties a first glimpse of our exhibition concept, as well as giving us a little experience in its implementation.

Link to the website of the Cultural Center in Cologne

We are pleased to announce the first 'enter into art' event in August 2015:

The fascination of art, color and meditation from around the world“.

The first enter-into-art show: 94 artists from 34 countries and 5 continents!
We are sure that our intercultural art installation and exhibition of small-scale images in Cologne will be a successful event. We thank all participants for their confidence - in particular because of the very short time!

We will specifically report on the exhibition.You can find more information in the blog posts at the sidebar on our webiste.

As you know, we have also reserved the showrooms for 2016. 

Here is the English translation of our announcement on the website of the Cologne-Muelheim Cultural Center:

Sunday, August 16 - Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fascination of worldwide art, color and meditation - Enter into Art - 2015

Art installation with color spaces, where small-scale artworks by international artists are arranged based on the idea of intercultural exchange and incorporating meditative aspects. In the ‘color zones’, pictures are presented with different artistic techniques and combined with smaller sculptures / art objects as well as relaxing poetry.

The art event is a prelude to the main exhibition in February / March 2016 at the Cologne-Muelheim Cultural Center. Guided art meditations are offered on site, and someone will be on hand to answer any questions about artistic techniques.

Opening: Sunday, August 16, 2015, 14.00

Opening times:

Friday: 14.00–21.00
Saturday: 14.00–21.00
Sunday: 14.00–21.00

Guided tours (by reservation only):

‘Relax with art, color and mindfulness’

Friday: 18.00–19.00
Saturday: 18.00–19.00
Sunday: 18.00–19.00
Special extended guided tours:
Wednesday: 19.30 –21.00
Thursday: 19.30–21.00
Additional tours and visits for groups by appointment:

If you are interested in a tour, please book three days in advance (name, address, phone). For registration as well as general enquiries please email Participation is free.


If you want to travel to Cologne, here is the link of Cologne-Tourisme!