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Opening of the Prelude Event enter into art 2015 – Cologne, Germany

Miniprint and mixed media exhibition in Cologne 2016, Germany - Fascination of worlwide art and color
This year’s Enter into Art exhibition ‘Fascination of art, color and meditation from around the world’ opened on August 16, 2015, featuring about 250 images by 95 artists from 34 countries on five continents. 

Call to artists 2016

The exhibition can be visited until August 30 at the Cultural Center in Cologne-Mülheim: 

more information

We are grateful to all the artists for their participation in our international exhibitions 2015 / 2016, in which we aim to promote smaller-scale works, including meditative aspects. We are especially pleased about the high quality of the pictures and thank all participants for the commitment.
 Further information and photos of the exhibition will be published soon.

Opening of the miniprint and mixed media exhibition in Cologne 2016
Room with the colors blue, green, yellow and violett

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The color does something”

The bonus issue will feature a Prelude exhibition, which – as already announced – gives an insight into the implementation of the event concept of the intercultural art installation. To meet the future size of our exhibitions, especially for the bonus issue up to three images per artist are exhibited. Due to organizational considerations (for example the awards ceremony) artworks will not be published until 2016; this means a limit of one picture per artist for the main exhibition and the traveling exhibitions.

The invitation time for our first art installation was just two months. We are happy that we were able to realize the exhibition in this short time, and would like once again to thank all the participants for their trust and their helpful hints. The valuable experience that we have gained will be constructive for the future, especially in terms of simplifying registration. 

The exhibition is an artistic arrangement that consists mainly of the arranged in color spaces small format pictures of artists from around the world, which are accompanied with artistically designed sculptures and pictures of Kurt Ries and the lyrical poetry of Gabriele Walter as well art objects and multimedia arrangements.

96 artists participated from the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Germany.

Thank you for your great work!

Kurt Ries at the welcome

Diana Kleiner
Floki Gauvry
Liliana Dowbley
Mariel Marinozzi


Cleo Wilkinson


Alena Semchyshyn


Bie Flameng
Jan Wellens
Henry Pouillon
Mady Maeriën
Nicole Zoete

Artist visits by Jan Wellens and Theo Damsteegt;
in the middle of the  backround Gabriele Walter

Adriane Krimberg


Ivan Mateev
Manya Vaptsarova
Petar Vladimirov Chinovsky


Bev Thompson
Jewel Winkler
Jocelyne Benoit
Kelsey Stephenson
Margot Splane
Myrna Brooks Bercovitch

Costa Rica

Luis Diego Arias Mesén

Very interested visitors - corner with red and rosa colors

Annette Olsen Caspeller


Eve Eesmaa


Aleksi Joensuu
Eeva Johanna Huotari
Lars Holmström
Lotta Leka
Päivyt Niemeläinen


Jan Goede
Yves Alcais

Visitor at an art meditation

Elsa Charalambous
Georgia Grigoriadou
Iris Xilas Xanalatos


Rakesh Bani


Aidan Flanagan
Bernadette Madden,


Victor Lipkin


Maria Maddalena Tuccelli
Rita Demattio
Insight into the three exhibition rooms


Akari Sugimoto
Atsushi Matsuoka
Chiemi Itoi
Kumi Obata
Mayumi Someya
Wonsuk Lee
Yasui Yoshihisa


Kum Nam Baek
Yun Jung Seo

Meditation is fun!

Serge Koch

New Zealand

Beth Charles
Lee Brogan

The Netherlands

Anke van Westerlaak
Ewa Agnieszka Malijewska
Ellen Geerts
Erik Mol
Jozina van Hees
Renee Bouws
Theo Damsteegt


Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska
Corner for relaxing (More info in the next post!)
Aleksandra Bury
Anita Radwanska
Anna Irena Tomica
Barbara Niścior
Lukasz Milosz Cywicki
Katarzyna Pyka
Michał Pisiałek


Florin Stoiciu
Iosif Mihailo


Ana Maria Lorenzen
Quieter room with the colors white and black
Ann Löwenstein
Kathie Pettersson
Maria Heed


Andre Maitre
Elisabeth Jobin-Sanglard


Gordana Petrović
Milos Djordjevic


Katarina Vasickova

Interest in the artists Vita - Room for color and energy

Alojz Konec


Aleix Mataro Garriga
Francesc Soler Claveras

South Africa

Eleanora Hofer


Aysen Erte
Canan Bilge


Mikhailo Krasnik
Walking through the exhibition
Petro Malyshko
Sergiy Hrapov
Taras Malyshko


Beverly Ashcraft-Johnson
Eileen Tavolacci
Elizabeth Slaught
Hee Sook Kim
Lisa Graham
Roman Duszek

Germany is represented by the hosts Gabriele Walter (poet and artist) and Kurt Ries (artist). Their work is in the artistic conception and design of the installation (including pictures, poems, sculptures, multimedia, objects of art).

Tango evening at the cultural center Cologne-Mülheim

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See also our gallery evening on Friday, 28 August, with poetry readingfilm and relaxing music within the exhibition:

Relaxing Gallery evening about the all continents connecting sea!

Summary of the exhibition