Thursday, October 29, 2015

Call to artists 2018-19: Miniprint exhibition international + mixed media, Enter into Art, Germany

The intercultural art installation and presentation of small pictures (format max. 20 x 29 cm), with the guiding theme “Fascination of World Art and Color”, takes place annually in Germany. Along with the main exhibition in Cologne, there will be traveling exhibitions and Prelude events, as well as a German Online Show. In addition pictures will be displayed on our English and German websites (Archive). A unique art book (catalog) illustrating the events and all exhibited artworks in full color will be printed about the entire exhibition period. There are 24 awards and up to 50-100 nominated finalists.

The deadline for the "5th Enter into Art International Installations" is closed, please use our extra offer "Enter into Art - Lounge 2". See menu point EXTRA!


5th 'Enter into Art' International Installations 2018 / 2019


Deadlines for the exhibition period?

Bad Breisig: July 31, 2018 over!
Bernkastel-Kues: January 31, 2019
Cologne: March 31, 2019
Bonn and Bad Ems for latecomers (June and July 2019): May 13, 2019

    After you have been invited, we guarantee your participation!

    Exhibitions 2018-19

    Bad Breisig - BONUS "Kullturbahnhof" (August 18 – August 29, 2018) - over! 
    Bernkastel-Kues - BONUS Museum Nicolas of Cusa (February 10 - March 10, 2018)
    Cologne – Cultural Center Cologne-Mülheim (April 17 – April 28, 2019)
    Bonn – City Library Bonn Bad-Godesberg (May 2 - June 27, 2019)
    Bad Ems - Townhall Foyer (district Bad Ems) (July 1 - July 26, 2019)

    (Due to water damage in the building, the exhibition in Nassau will be relocated to Bad Ems!)

    There are still three exhibitions for which you can sign up: Cologne, Bonn, Bad Ems!


    Concerning the additional parallel event "Touring the World through Art" please inform yourself in the menu item EXTRA ! Participation is only possible by additional fee and extra registration.

    For detailed information please see the menu points EXHIBITIONS, AIMS AND TASKS and FAQ! Included is also the free of charge return of artworks and a designed companion ART BOOK (catalog)The events are for invited artists only, but you can apply to participate: Interested?

    Interested artists can apply to participate in the ‘Enter into Art’ events. Please contact us first with your fully address for the necessary application requirements and conditions. We will send you detailed information and an invitation. We also look forward to recommendations and suggestions of professional artists. 
    •  Examples (see also the pictures in the ARCHIVE / top menu)
    The exhibitions will be documented in an artistically designed accompanying artbook. This book is designed in accordance with our color concept and accompanied by short lyrical poetry (haiku). So, this is not just an exhibition catalog, it is an entertaining gift book that grabs the readers’ attention.

    Talk about Art

    The ‘Enter into Art’ exhibitions have captivating art installations in some of the exhibition spaces, with gallery evenings. In addition, exhibition visitors receive a guide to mindful looking and reflecting on art

    With the important motto, "Talk about art", we help you to build contacts and present your work in Germany. Our events are full of art enjoyment, relaxation and insightful talks, which capture the attention of our participants. As such, we attract the right type of people.

    We make the most of your public appearances by talking about your pictures in a language that anyone can understand. Thus, we do not keep your art a mystery - we give the audience some idea of what it offers them. With no art jargon, we incorporate them into your work. Please see also the menu point "REWARDS".

    Art Installation and Presentation

    We are fellow artists but also service providers for public relations and art promotion. 

    Our services include:

    • All exhibitions (main exhibition and traveling exhibitions). The exhibition period lasts about 8 - 18 weeks, with gallery evenings, guided tours and promotional services at attractive tourist spots.
    • The organization and artistic design of the installations, according to our comprehensive and diverse PR concept. Please see AIMS AND TASKS.
    • Free of charge return of artworks and a designed companion art book (catalog) about the exhibition including the pictures that are shown + jury members (the 1st prize winning images in original size and many other awards that are displayed in a special way.)
    • Copies of the artbook, which are distributed in the regions of the exhibitions free of charge. (The catalogue is an art and gift book for relaxation with art and colors.)
    • Web relations: Publication of the names of the artists/country, pictures on the internet (German and English Archivs).
    • The set up of an Online show in German - also in conjunction with the award ceremony and solo exhibitions in our comprising German blog journal. The blog journal has a matching relaxing and cultural feel.
    • Mediation of contacts with buyers and other interested parties (without commission).
    • Bonus offers with additional exhibitions, videos and Facebook promotion.
    • In our Atelier corner, all additional images can be viewed in folders. (We will show a second picture by each artist in showcases, if possible.)
    • There are 24 awards (10 prizes each for print and mixed media) with 12 Excellence Prizes, which are decided by international jurors). Additionally, you can be awarded an honorable mention. Up to 50 - 100 finalists will be nominated by a first international juror.
    • Rewards for all winners in the manner of PR publications (your name in the title) on the Internet and cover pictures of the art book.
    • Solo shows for the first winners and blog posts about the solo exhibitions.
    • Certification for the award winners and also for the jury members.

      Miniprints and small pictures in any subject and art style that you want

      • With respect to content, the general topic of the art installation is completely up to you. This means that you can choose any subject and art style that you want.
      • Artworks should be on paper; all pictures must be flat. Also cardboard, no streched canvas or other materials are possible.
      • No frames, no mounts (no passepartout).
      • Painting, collage, drawing, watercolor and mixed media.
      • Original print (any traditional or contemporary graphic process, including computer generated prints) and monotype, photo art, exlibris.

          Our focus is on the international arts funding of miniprint and mixed media

          Usually the call is exclusively addressed to foreign artists! The idea behind the ‘Enter into Art’ concept is to consciously draw attention to the artwork. The events will take place annually.

          Through our artistic exhibitions and presentation concepts, we examine the captivating and relaxing viewing of a smaller work of art. The exhibition visitors immerse themselves in the international landscape and enjoy the individual art images. They can discover and enjoy very specific colors, shapes, textures, lines and content. The magic of our installations is in the combination of colors and art, poetry, music and sound, as well as the intercultural fascination.

          We can only respond to requests that include a complete address and identify a professional artist person. Please contact us via the email address on our website:

          Touring the World through Art

          About our extraordinary parallel event "Touring the World through Art" in Bad Breisig, Bernkastel-Kues and Cologne, please inform yourself on our Archiv-Website in the menu point TOURING THE WORLDand here on this website in EXTRA (large pictures by video presentation)!