Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas video with music, free Christmas greetings with poems to download

Christmas card with candle light and haiku poem
With the first beautiful candlelight here the Christmas season has begun, and we wanted to surprise you with two free Christmas greetings cards and a Christmas video with music. You can download the Christmas cards for free, each with a Christmas haiku, and then forward them as email attachments. If you are a participant in one of our international art exhibitions we would also like to take the opportunity to inform you about how we are promoting your art in our German online show.

Christmas video with music and poem

In order to include international artists in the festive offerings on our Bernsteinrose blog, we have had two of our German Christmas cards translated into English. Surely you understand that festivities for the popularity of art are usefulYou can forward these greetings with relaxing haiku poems to your family, friends and colleagues for free!

We have also created a Christmas video with piano music. The Christmas greeting video you can share or send by a link. If you like, you can embed it in your website.

Instruction to share or embed the Christmas video:

  • Click the Share link under the video.
  • Click the Embed link.
  • Copy the code provided in the expanded box.
  • Paste the code into your website.

Free greetings cards with Christmas poems

With their art-inspired haiku poems, our Christmas cards will be especially appealing to people who are interested in art and poetry.

Christmas card with poem - for free download
Merry Christmas greeting with poem for free download!

This greetings card for the Christmas season should appeal especially to families and children. The poem inspires images of a relaxing excursion into the winter landscape.

Free download Christmas greeting with haiku poem
Christmas greetings with haiku poem for free download!

Instructions to download the Christmas cards:

  • Click on the image with the Christmas card.
  • Press the right-hand mouse button, then “Save Image”, and save the file to your hard disk.
  • You can forward the Christmas cards free of charge as an email attachment.
(Please note the copyright: the Christmas cards should not be changed. Nor may they be mapped to other websites.)

The Enter into Art team wishes a wonderful time

On our German Bernsteinrose blog we provide greetings cards and also videos for various occasions, including Christmas, birthdays, weddings, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, free of charge. The “Relax Congratulations” are designed with beautiful haiku poetry, and are very popular with readers interested in art.

The blog also includes relaxing music and delicious recipes, all beautifully designed around poetry and art.

There is our art book "KUNSTRETREAT" with your pictures in every year. There is also a further free digital gift book with haiku poetry and beautiful pictures of the sea. It is also possible to offer special gift books with artworks of some of our artists, assuming interest.

In addition, the blog also offers peaceful festive meditations through color, classical music, art, and poetry, which we connected with the international ART (your pictures). These are announced separately each year shortly before Christmas and Easter.

Small art pictures as Christmas gifts

Also embedded in our comprehensive festive offer we promote your images. We connected specially the blog category “FREE holiday greetings” (a very popular category with our readers) with art promotion by linking posts with the category “artistic pleasure”. This category is also promoted by a special art banner in the sidebars and in the footer of the blog.

As an art funding institution run by artists, we offer our readers our expertise in the field of art and arrange contacts with international artists. Award-winning and featured images can be recommended directly on the blog as gifts.

In the context of our blog concept (relaxation, travel, nature, lifestyle, and art), one can also relax with art and color. With a guide for enjoying art and for mindfulness meditation, the small images can be viewed in the original size to reinforce interest.

Miniprints and mixed media – art pictures as gifts

As in our cross-cultural exhibitions, the images are arranged according to color, so you can use them to meditate and relax. Even the online show is designed artistically, with music and poetry.

Small paintings are comparable to a crystal, or a fragrant precious flower. In all its charming diversity, the online show can also be viewed as a market of exotic treasures and affordable art gifts from around the world. Every year all pictures of the current exhibitions will be published for one year in that German online show: or In addition all awarded pictures will get (as rewards) special blog posts in the category "ART EXCELLENCE". The winners 1 - 3 will get too blog posts about their solo exhibitions. Also here on the website the names and exhibited pictures of all participants will be published.

We wish all our participants and prospective customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a good time!