Saturday, April 2, 2016

Art contemplations on your pictures: public relations in German and English

Our German blog journal is a powerful public relations tool, which also disseminates professional articles, competition results and awards and our Online-Show. In this way, readers - particularly in German-speaking regions - can become more familiar with works of art to better understand them and the creative spirit of the artists concerned. Interested readers can view images and meditate with them. If they are interested in any of the artworks, they can get in contact with the relevant artist. The posts can also be published in English.

What is a blog?

Link to the blog category "Art Excellence" on our German blog "Bernsteinrose-Blog":

If you enter the links in Google Translate, you can read the content in English or any other language in order to roughly understand it!

Here you can read directly in English - in the foreword of the art book "16 times ART" art texts about 18 international artists:

Some artists have been asking about what is meant by a blog. Blog posts (articles on the internet) are very powerful publications, which enjoy an extraordinary number of readers. The phenomenon began with the publication of certain individuals’ online diaries 15 years ago. Blogs are available with a wide and specialized variety of content. Meanwhile, there are also major journals, which are written as blogs. Blogs differ from a website in that they are divided into categories in which the posts are ordered thematically. A website consists of a menu with pages and not posts. Our Internet presence is composed of both!

If one agrees with the content of a blog, you cannot go wrong. Please test this statement as follows: enter the names of each of our 2016 prize winners separately into Google and you will find our blog posts about the winning pictures on the first page of the search results! The longer a post is online, the stronger is its impact. Bloggers are often opinion leaders and multiplicators. Paid articles costs only once money and then stay forever on the Internet.

Please have also a look to our menu item "PR FOR YOU" and "REWARDS"!

Why publish a blog post about your pictures?

Nowadays, major newspapers almost exclusively write about artists who are already famous, which is why the number of hits resulting from the Google search engine is an unmistakable indicator of the reputation of other artists. For those interested in your pictures, the number of times that posts can be found about you on the Internet is extremely important.

The value of art lies in its magic! That is exactly what we provide with our art meditations. We want to help the good work of unknown artists sell. Often, however, the prestige of artists is more important than their pictures.

Foreign publications are excellent points of reference, which somehow always lead to profit. Our publications (in the wide synergetic environment of the blog journal) are not just a profile or a catalogue; rather, they carefully guide readers towards the images so that they can look at and enjoy them. In the spirit of the motto "Small is big", the interest for more or larger pictures by an artist is ignited. On request, the artist can also choose relaxing music from our repertoire, which is a particularly attractive proposition for prospective customers.

Moreover, using easily understandable language, we bring art to many of those who are not experts, but who are searching for works of art to meaningfully enjoy and adorn their living spaces. Furthermore, in each article, we point out that the artists have participated in our exhibitions. On request, we can also link the posts on Google+, Facebook and the German network Xing, where the images and articles are disseminated as well.

The “Bernsteinrose” blog is mainly read in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy), as well as other countries around the world, such as the USA and Brazil. We have also created a category called “Art Excellence” on our "Enter into Art" blogging site. When you order a translation into English, your article is also published there, so that it can reach all English-speaking readers in the world.

For the publication of an art meditation, you have almost no work to do. Sometimes, we simply need a few thoughts of inspiration (maximum three lines).

If you wish, we can accompany the article with relaxing music that can be switched on if desired. In our exhibitions we have had the experience that visitors love to look at the pictures together with relaxing music. There are several songs ready, so you can choose suitable music:

Benefits for artists:

  • Articles remain on our website with no time restriction, so artists receive high added value! 
  • The artworks are always accessible to a diverse Internet audience. We bring you into the discussion – both offline and online.
  • All readers of the blogs are made aware of the online art gallery by a banner on the sidebar and footer.
  • There will be optimal links within our blogs. The German art category is also linked to our well-visited celebration pages. Readers of these pages are looking for both greetings and gifts.
  • The posts are optimized for search engines. In the headline, the name and origin of the artist are mentioned.
  • The artists also benefit from our existing editorial blogs, which have many thousands of readers. Regarding the German blog, they benefit from our regular publications in the fields of recreation, travel, nature, lifestyle and art. Our readership is made up of people with a broad interest in art and culture.
  • The focus on meditation, enjoyment and relaxation in relation to art is underpinned by regular lectures and guided meditations or other relevant topics.
  • On our blogs, there is no advertising; public relations, therefore, becomes essential. However, a detailed public relations-oriented post is of higher value than an advertisement!
  • You do not need to pay for translations into German.
  • The posts are proofread, edited and enhanced for SEO (to ensure the best results from the Google search engine)!
  • The blog posts are written in a language that is easily understood by a readership interested in art.

If you are interested in a blog post, which includes an art meditation on your picture, please request our online rules!