Friday, August 19, 2016

'Enter into Art' with the Argentinean online magazine, 'Magenta'.

An article on our 'Enter into Art' events has been published in the Argentinean online magazine, 'Revista Magenta'. Since 1993, the magazine has offered a comprehensive overview of the contemporary art of Argentina through its monthly articles, while also taking international themes into account.

'revista magenta' - for artists and art lovers

'Magenta' is a magazine for artists and art lovers. Under the direction of Graciela Smith, it regularly informs readers about exhibitions, art festivals, workshops, competitions, scholarships and study programs. 

Artists can even present themselves to readers, through their CV, biography and a slideshow of their work. Art books and catalogs are featured, while art critics can also have their say.

From painting, printing and sculpture to poster competitions, pottery exhibitions and industrial design, the editorial repertoire includes all art forms. Interestingly, for example, we found an international competition for a light installation to be displayed across London's bridges.

Worldwide in Spanish

'Revista magenta' is sponsored by prestigious organizations such as the Argentine Academy of Fine Arts, which allows it to be distributed, in Spanish, worldwide. Furthermore, there is already an extensive online archive to browse.

We are pleased to present a published report on our exhibitions from 'Magenta':