Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prelude event (Bonus) in the Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter

On this page, we would like to present in more detail the concept for the Prelude exhibition at the Studio Gallery "ART RETREAT" in Bonn-Königswinter! The Prelude exhibition is our Christmas gift to the artists who register early! All Prelude exhibitions are centered around an homage to a famous poet – our Christmas Prelude 2016 will be based on the artistic views of Guillaume Apollinaire.

  • Dec. 17 to Jan. 8, 2016 in Bonn-Königswinter (our bonus event this year)
The bonus event will take place with about 140 participants! Since it is our first "Art Retreat" and we have a larger number of participants, the creative implementation phase of different ideas takes a little longer. The "Art Retreat" can be visited from Dec. 25, 2016 until Jan. 8., 2017 by prior appointment.

See also: EXHIBITIONS 2017 and our FAQ!

Homage to a famous poet

About 1 km from our Art Retreat away the villa in which
Guillaume Apollinaire worked as a tutor.
The subjects of participants’ artworks are not required to relate to Apollinaire or any other poet! According to our rules, all artists can choose their subjects freely, based on relaxation! Artworks will also be displayed at our large exhibitions in 2017.

Just as we combine the performing arts with poetry, music, sculpture, art objects, light and meditation at our large art installations in Cologne and other cities, we would like to do the same at our Christmas Prelude event. At the Prelude event, however, images are not arranged by color. Meditation instruction is available, but the meditative concept is introduced instead in the form of an homage to a famous poet. We are inspired in this regard by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's famous verse "poems are painted windows."

The Prelude exhibition is included in our offer for the year 2017. The number of participants for this Bonus event is limited. Registrations will be considered on a first come, first served basis, so book your place as soon as possible by your payment. If you like to participate in this Bonus event: Original artworks must be received as soon as possible. (Regular deadline wihout Bonus is December 31, 2016.)

The event aims to convey our idea of a cozy Art Retreat (in an artistic garden), which we also communicate through our art book. The names of the participating artists will be published on this website! A studio and garden exhibition without vernissage will serve as the basis of the event’s online PR in our German blog journal. The website will include several videos and blog posts about the event, which we will also share on Facebook and YouTube.

The texts of a chapter of our art book, "Refuge of Muse," will be published in connection with this first Art Retreat event on our German blog. There will be a blog post series on "Living with Pictures."

Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire

At the entrance of the villa is reminiscent of
Apollinaire's residence from 1901 to 1902.
The slogan of the 2016 Prelude event will be "Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire," since he worked in Bonn-Königswinter – just steps away from the studio is the beautiful villa "House Neuglück," where he spent a year working as a private French language tutor.

Additionally, future Prelude events in the Art Retreat studio will be based on the artistic conception of Apollinaire and this artistic flair of our surroundings will be incorporated. 

Even his origins imply an intercultural way of life. As the son of an Italian mother and father who was a Polish nobleman and emigrant of Russian origin, Apollinaire spent his childhood in Rome and Monaco. As a youth he learned Latin, ancient Greek and German. He lived and died in Paris.

Shortly before his famous poetry collection "Alcools," which was subsequently set to music by a number of musicians (including Francis Poulenc and Arthur Honegger, among others) after his death in 1918, Guillaume Apollinaire published his "Méditations Esthétiques." In this book, he coined the term Orphism to describe the tendency towards absolute abstraction in paintings by Robert Delaunay and others. The colorful “Fenêtre-Images” of Delaunay, for example, portrayed the Eiffel Tower as seen through a window.

House "Neuglück" in Königswinter, closed to Bonn -
only a short walk away from the art studio.
Additionally, Apollinaire coined the term Surrealism. According to Apollinaire, true feeling and spontaneous expression should be the basis of art. He called for mindful and enjoyable life in the present, for the freedom of art and the pursuit of spirituality.

Shortly before his death, Apollinaire published the poetry collection "Calligrammes" including so-called figure poems that reveal an additional layer of meaning through the shape of the text. The first figure poems originated in ancient times, their meditative development being reflected in medieval grid poems. In the exhibition design of our Prelude events, we will allow ourselves to be inspired by such innovations (as we will with other poet-themes in the future).

The fusion of image and poetry and communicative aspects are also reflected in the concept of our art installationsThe concepts of our art installations will thereby all show some points of contact with Apollinaire.

Let yourself be surprised! We are looking forward to your participation!