Saturday, December 17, 2016

Studio Gallery "Apollinaire": Enter into Art - Prelude exhibition in Christmas time 2016

We are pleased to announce our second bonus exhibition - from December 17, 2016, until January 8, 2017. The Enter into Art exhibition of small-scale images is accompanied by extra offers of additional free events and PR services. With the smaller introductory exhibition during the Christmas period, we want to offer art friends a further perspective of artistic delight. This year’s Enter into Art Prelude event in the Studio Gallery ‘Apollinaire’ opened on December 17, 2016, and features images by 146 artists from 43 countries on five continents. The exhibition is connected to an homage to Guillaume Apollinaire, but also to aspects of living with art.

The exhibition can be visited from December 25, 2016 until January 8, 2017 at our Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter.

Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire

Living with art
Further informations about the concept of this Prelude exhibition in Bonn-Königswinter 2016. Please read also the blog post "Liftestyle as PR-concept" with more pictures.

We have accounted for all the artists whose pictures arrived in time.

This art event is a prelude to the main exhibitions in March 2017 at the Cologne-Muelheim Cultural Center, the Municipal Museum in Nassau and the Cultural House in Diez. Due to organizational considerations (for example, the awards ceremony) artworks will not be published until the main exhibition in Cologne 2017.

(Deadline for our main and traveling exhibitions in 2017: January 15, 2017)

Welcome to Bonn-Königswinter

We are sure that this additional international art installation and exhibition of small-scale images will be a successful PR event. We thank all participants for their confidence and the high quality of their work!

Following the proverb "Rome is not built in one day" the first "Art Retreat" event requires a little longer for the creative implementation of various ideas. Among other factors, meanwhile, we have doubled the number of participants. In the first week, we will experiment and arrange, and we will specifically report on this extremely beautiful event after the Christmas period. In further publications, we will supplement this article with more pictures.

The Studio Gallery "Apollinaire" can be visited from December 25, 2016 by prior appointment. The visit is possible until January 8, 2017.

If you prefer to visit the public opening of our main exhibition in Cologne (March 2017), here is the link to our cultural program in Cologne.

146 artists participated from 43 countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Irland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kosovo Republic, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Germany by the hosts

Thank you for your great work!

Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Diana Kleiner
Floki Gauvry
Lidia Paladino
Liliana Dowbley
Patricia Pascazzi

Cheryl McCoy
Emma Stoneman
Nyrel Saunders

Ellen Bittner
Gabriele Rhomako
Ilse Küchler
Pamela Ecker

Arif Al Karim Bhuiyan

Bie Flameng
Henry Pouillon
Jan Wellens
Mady Maeriën
Roger Dewint

Bev Thompson
Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Janice Fehr
Lone Tratt

Karla Gorigoitia

Elena Garavito

Melinda Kostelac

Czech Republic
Monika Bohus

Birthe Petersen
Carsten Frederiksen
Louise Breyen
Merete Bartholdy

Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Reti Saks

Aleksi Joensuu
Anna Mäkelä
Annimari Taivalsaari
Eeva Huotari
Helmi Leppäkoski
Jenti Hannele-Salminen
Leena Seppä
Marja Liisa Blomster
Seppo Salmela
Tarja Unkari

Antonine Bathuel
Armelle Magnier
Beatrice Deballe
Brigitte Gagnon
Jeanne Pannier
Solange Kowalewski

Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Amaryllis Siniossoglou
Iris Xilas Xanalatos
Vasiliki Kolipetsa

Iris Genevieve Lahens

Malou Maria Oi Yee Hung

Ildiko Biro

Ishu Jindal
Rakesh Bani

Gerhardt Gallagher

Aida Stolar
Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Victor Lipkin

Fausto Marinis
Laura Manfredi
Marcela Miranda

Atsushi Matsuoka
Chikako Kamaga
Chiri Kuroiwa
Hiro-omi Takeuchi
Isao Kobayashi
Kana Kobayashi
Kinichi Maki
Mashahiro Fukuda
Shozu Toshiaki
Takanori Iwase

Kosovo Republic
Agim Salihu

Hyejeong Kwon
Kumnam Baik
Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire

Yvonne Gerner

Serge Koch

Isamudin Ahmad

Dolores Romero-Dávila
Liliana Rizo
Monica Romero Davila
S. Maricela Esqueda

Erik Mol
Frans de Groot & Josee Wuyts
Jozina Marina van Hees
Renee Bouws
Saskia van Montfort

Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
New Zealand
Beth Charles

Adam Czeck
Aleksandra Bury
Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska
Barbara Niścior
Jan Pamula
Katarzyna Betlinska
Katarzyna Zimna
Katarzyna Pyka
Lukasz Cywicki

Alexandru Jakabházi
Florin Stoiciu

Svetlana Vedernikova

Ivana Vidić
Mirjana Tomasevic

South Africa
Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Eleanora Hofer

Evelio Akerm
Francesc Soler
Nuria Pena Figueruelo

Anne Köhler
Anne Löwenstein
Bo Cronqvist
Carl Emanuel Mark
Catharina Johansson Berg
Christina Måneskiöld
Kathie Pettersson
Maria Heed
Marja-Leena Elojarvi
Margit Mendiant
Shyqri Gjurkaj

Beatrice Archinard
Johanna Schneider
Katarina Proch

Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Kim Hyun-Jin
Liao Hui-Lan
Tsai-Ping Shieh

Ayse Anil
Aysen Erte
Canan Bilge
Guler Yildiz
Nuray Yıldız
Nurten Erdogan
Tülay Öktem

Mikhailo Krasnik

Amy Sands
Ann-Marie Cunningham
Beverly Ashcraft-Johnson
Garry Kaulitz
Katharina Bossmann
Lisa Graham
Marjorie Tomchuk
Hommage à Guillaume Apollinaire
Monica Wiesblott
Myrna Bercovitch
R. Prost
Ray Genereux
Sandra Mayo

and Germany by the hosts.

We wish all artists a nice holiday time and a Happy New Year! Thank you for the friendly cooperation! 

P.S. You can download our Christmas cards or video by free and send it to your friends!

Download of the flyer for participants: