Friday, December 30, 2016

Lifestyle as a PR concept: Studio Gallery "Apollinaire" in Königswinter

We would like to further introduce our Art Retreat event. It is an art installation with lifestyle and themed spaces, where small-scale artworks by international artists are arranged based on the idea of a cozy 'Art Retreat' incorporating also meditative aspects. In this smaller event, pictures are not arranged according to ‘color zones’, but are rather presented with different artistic techniques and styles and accompanied by sculptures and the lyrical poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, as well by art objects and multimedia arrangements.

Art, nature and relaxation

The Studio Gallery "Apollinaire" is a step to a center of art and relaxation. It is located in a very quiet area with beautiful scenery, from which art lovers can find pleasure through art and lyrical poetry, combined with a meditative walk in the countryside. We will be on hand to answer any questions regarding artistic techniques.

Art meditation is also possible using our ‘relax with art, color and mindfulness’ guides, which direct visitors specifically towards attentive and relaxed viewing of the artworks. Additionally, of course, the pictures can be viewed while listening to relaxing music.

Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire

We are pleased to have been able to realize this additional event conception. The valuable experience gained in this regard will be constructive for our public relations for art work in future.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Poems are painted windows.”

The Prelude exhibition 2016 is centered around an homage to Guillaume Apollinaire. We used his calligrams alongside our new poetry pictures with his poems so as to fuse image and poetry. The poetry pictures can also be found in the garden of this " Muse’s Refuge", whereby the muse is united with nature. In this way, we are also returning to the lyrical haiku poetry and its hiking artists. Apollinaire, too, has wandered a lot. In our vicinity you can walk on its paths. And likewise Goethe wrote poems which "he had hiked".

Living with pictures

The Art Retreat takes place in a small but fine space. It comprises various living spaces that symbolize an art-inspired apartment or house: a gallery with terrace, a veranda or winter garden, a golden-silver corridor of poetry, a fireplace room with a staircase and an atrium rondelle with garden and pond.

The fireplace room is primarily dedicated to the subject of people and the desire for relaxation. We believe that people need more warmth. Topics such as trust and cordiality are increasingly under discussion. For this purpose, a wall with images of sunsets fits very well, in which we can pick up our design concept of colors and create a corner with the color red. Along the stairs in this space are arranged framed images of various birds, which fly symbolically upwards to the roof window towards freedom.

From here you can enter the bright gallery section, which is also reminiscent of an Asian teahouse. Here, we have positioned primarily abstract and surrealist images. Upon the chest of drawers sit framed pictures, which can be ordered at will. The large windows and mirror connect this space with the garden and nature. The decor is sunny, bright and floating with musical flair. Green plants and a rippling fountain connect the element of water with the garden pond.

Dreaming and relaxing with art

The golden-silver corridor of poetry leads into the veranda, which is inviting as a cozy living room or winter garden for tea or coffee. In the silver passage, one can walk and read the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, admiring the calligrams hanging from the ceiling. (A fragrance bag spreads a flowering scent.) As is often the case in the art scene, the people feel their content as offensive.

The veranda is dedicated to the theme of the moon and archaic thoughts. On the shelf are selected framed pictures, which can be taken into the hands and examined more closely. From here you can see the garden pond and perhaps ponder koans or similar relaxing thoughts. The small veranda is equipped with rattan or bamboo furniture and leads to the terrace, which is overgrown with an ancient wisteria.

Here, too, we have hung the poems of Guillaume Apollinaire, on silver threads. Here they recall fragrant flowers hanging from the shrub. In the evening, especially, the terrace is very nice as it is lit with Christmas lights. To the terrace belongs a little atrium, a white gravel rondelle, where the poems of Apollinaire are arranged between sculptures.

Intercultural ideas permeate the space. The house is made of wood, as can be found in Scandinavia, America, Australia or in Eastern Europe, with oriental samovar and Asian inspiration. The motto "inspiration comes from doing” is lived here with art, so we do not claim perfectionism.

Public relations for you

We will add articles in German language to the photos that we have produced in the meantime, and we will publish a series of articles in our German online journal with the text from our book "Kunstretreat" (the theme of which is "Living with Pictures, Poetry and Wine").

The first Art Retreat is primarily intended as an Internet event with a corresponding public relations campaign. The pictures with the names of the artists will be published after the award ceremony in the first quarter of 2017. We thank you for your patience.

The "Art Retreat" is also a basis for further creative exhibitions. We are planning thematic summer exhibitions, which combine art with poetry and nature even more closely and offer optimal conditions for relaxation and meditation. At the same time, we want to intensify the PR aspect of our events. For example, we would like to combine the visit of the Studio Gallery "Apollinaire" with guided meditative walks, lyric readings and wine meditations.

Let yourself be surprised!