Monday, March 6, 2017

3rd International 'Enter into Art' Installations 2017 - Opening in Cologne

The “Enter into Art” exhibition period 2016/2017 features 214 artists from 51 countries on five continents. All images submitted by artists are also presented in folders in our “Atelier Corner” (usually including two further images per artist). The main exhibition can be visited until March 15 at the Cultural Center in Cologne-Mülheim, while the exhibitions in Nassau and Diez will continue until May 8, 2017. A total of 20 prizes have been awarded, including 13 jury awards and seven editorial awards.

Enter into Art” - ARCHIVE

First, we would like to introduce our new website containing the “Enter into Art” ARCHIVE, where you will also find the most important information from last year’s exhibitions and prelude events. Please see the ARCHIVE menu on our website with the special link and choose the exhibition period 2016/2017!

The main exhibitions in Cologne, Nassau and Diez are an artistic arrangement mainly comprising small-format pictures by artists from around the world, arranged according to color. Germany is represented by the hosts Gabriele Walter (poet) and Kurt Ries (artist), who have contributed the artistic conception and design of the installation (including pictures, poems, sculptures, relaxing music, multimedia and art objects).

We are grateful to all the artists for their participation in these international exhibitions. We are especially pleased with the high quality of the pictures, and thank all participants for their commitment.

Opening in Cologne and winners 2017

The opening was a wonderful evening with many exhibition visitors. Please see the link to the blog post in our ARCHIVE for details of the participating artists and photos. Thank you again to the artists who visited from France and Sweden: Jeanne Pannier (Paris) and her husband visited the exhibition in Cologne on Saturday, while Bo Cronqvist (Sweden) and his wife attended the vernissage on Sunday.

Bo Cronqvist in his solo event with the hosts Gabriele + Kurt (r)
The first prizewinners last year were the purest birds of luck, as both Bo Cronqvist and Petar Chinovsky from Bulgaria also received an Excellence Jury Prize in 2017! We have integrated solo exhibitions for both artists into the large exhibition in Cologne. The solo exhibition for the second prizewinner last year (Atsushi Matsuoka from Japan) will take place in Nassau.

We again selected a jury comprising 13 participants from 13 countries, who identified the winners. In an anonymous vote, the jury selected 13 winners. Our team also granted a special award and six honorable mentions, consistent with our public relations (PR) concept. Please see all winners in our ARCHIVE 2016/2017!

Rewards and jury

We have already written about the prizes themselves. The basic prize is free publication within a year of a meditative blog post about the winning images. The timing of publication will depend on editorial decisions. Please have a look at the examples of the rewards for last year.

Visit from Osaka: Atsushi Matsuoka in Nassau
We would like to warmly thank the jury members for their excellent work. Thanks also go to the award winners for their high-quality artworks – congratulations!

The jury was again digital, so members could decide at their own pace and completely independently. The jury awards were selected via an anonymous vote and the result was checked by a mathematics expert. The editorial awards were selected by the “Enter into Art” team. Our exhibitions are mixed media and multimedia installations, which is why variety is very important. Where several colors chime together, it is called a “chord”, as in music.

Bonus and online events

In the smaller bonus event for Christmastime of 2016, however, pictures were not arranged according to “color zones”, but rather in an homage to the famous poet Guillaume Apollinaire and aspects of his lifestyle. This extraordinary event took place in our ART RETREAT Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter and has found many prospective customers online, especially on our German website. We there published a blog series on the lifestyle concept “Living with Pictures”. Please see the “Related links” in our ARCHIVE 2016/2017 and also the bonus video for the first 60 participants.

Just as in our big exhibitions, the online show of artworks on our German blog are sorted by color. In April 2017, we will exchange last year’s pictures for the new ones, which will be displayed there for one year. On the German blog, we would like to offer readers a lot of variety. However, the images will continue to be available on the English archive website forever.

In addition, we would like to draw attention to the solo exhibition by Melinda Kostelac from Croatia, which also took place in the ART RETREAT Studio Gallery in January 2017 and was promoted with three German blog posts. If you are interested in a solo exhibition, please request our special Rules for Solo Events.