Sunday, March 26, 2017

Enter into Art 2017/18: New exhibition places on the rivers Rhine and Moselle

We are pleased to introduce our new exhibition spaces for 2017/2018 and to offer as varied a program as possible. As you can see from our exhibition calendar, in future we would like to offer an exhibition in every season (which also corresponds to the haiku lyric). In addition to our basic theme, "Fascination of World Art and Color", we would like to dedicate ourselves to the "Romantic Rhine" in the upcoming exhibition period. 

From Cologne to Bonn

"Kulturbunker" in Cologne
Cologne is located on the River Rhine and the "Kulturbunker" in Cologne-Mülheim is just a few hundred meters from the river. You can see the Mülheim Bridge. Behind it are the towers of Cologne Cathedral. Because of its medieval history, Cologne is connected to the Romantic Rhine. 

Driving up the Rhine, you will first reach Bonn with its beautiful old town, where the house where Ludwig van Beethoven was born is located (see our second bonus event). The August-Macke House and other famous art exhibitions are also located in Bonn.

Landscapes of the Romantic Rhine

Studio and Garden events in Bonn-Königswinter
From a scenic point of view, however, the Romantic Rhine begins in Bonn-Königswinter, where the legendary Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains) rise and where you can find the famous Drachenfels ruin (Dragon rock).

This landscape is permeated by the poetry of Heinrich Heine, Lord Byron and William Turner. Our studio gallery,ART RETREAT, is located on the edge of the Siebengebirge, in the environment in which the French poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire once walked. It is a studio and garden exhibition for relaxation... and inspiration - both for guests and for our PR work in the fields of art.

Therefore, our exhibitions in Bonn-Königswinter will also make reference to Apollinaire's creativity. Inspired by his calligrams, we will design future exhibitions in the ART RETREAT that also include poetry. In the autumn of 2016 will be integrated a homage to Ludwig van Beethoven and his connection to the poems of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. In addition, events at the ART RETREAT always incorporate the lifestyle theme "Living with Pictures".

View from Königswinter to Bonn
In the following period, our PR work deals with topics related to the Romantic Rhine and its poetry! Let yourself be surprised! (More information you will find in the top menus FAQ and AIMS AND TASKS.)

Miniprint and mixed media exhibitions in Germany - Rhine region

Bad Breisig and Weißenthurm on the Rhine

"Kulturbahnhof" in Bad Breisig
Further south, between the cities Koblenz and Bonn, lies the spa town Bad Breisig, where the very pleasant exhibition room "Kulturbahnhof" is located within the cultural center. Located right on the main road, there is also a youth meeting in the cultural center. Because of its thermal springs and the associated wellness facilities, the spa town is perfectly suited for our relaxing exhibition. Many spa guests visit the city.

Foyer of the Town Hall Weißenburg
From the picturesque spa promenade, you can see the most beautiful views of the Rhineland, just as William Turner painted in his pictures. You can stroll beside the pretty half-timbered houses or enjoy a meal in a restaurant with a delicious view over the Rhine. On a mountain just beyond the end of the town squats Castle Rheineck.

Not far from Bad Breisig is the small town of Weißenthurm. The beautiful exhibition space in the foyer of the town hall resembles a huge winter garden and shines in bright daylight. It overlooks a large willow tree with a duck pond. The room is open all day and is well frequented during the week, so the pictures get a lot of attention.

Miniprint exhibitions in the Rhine region - exhibition places

What does “Romantic Rhine” mean?

Please look at the images, then you will understand! Some of the motifs were painted by William Turner. In any case, we are looking forward to your participation in our first bonus event, which is dedicated to Turner on the Rhine.

"William Turner and the Romantic Rhine" - PR Theme of our Miniprint and mixed media exhibition in Bad Breisig

In the spring and summer, the landscapes of the rivers Rhine and Moselle are saturated with lush greenery. In the fall, they are immersed in the picturesque autumn colors.

Kobern-Gondorf on the Moselle

In Koblenz, the Moselle flows into the Rhine, and just a few kilometers away is the picturesque town of Kobern-Gondorf. William Turner also painted the Moselle, which is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe – almost better than the Rhine landscapes. In our German blog journal, we have devoted an ongoing series of articles to the Moselle.

As part of the exhibition period 2017/2018, we have prepared a "sweet" for you: in the exhibition space of the town hall in Kobern-Gondorf, we are offering a small additional exhibition. Participants include the prize winners from the current period, as well the artists who have used the Early Bird registration.

Nestled among the steep rocks of the vineyards, the picturesque town spreads out in the Moselle valley. The layout and shape of the Matthias Chapel, dating from the late Romanesque period, are heavily influenced by the Orient. The old upper castle sits scenically on the mountainside.

A pleasant hike through the vineyards leads to the low castle with its magnificent views of the River Moselle. On this dreamlike path, you can hike from castle to castle. Apart from its four castles, Gondorf also has many medieval buildings. In the beautiful market square of the old town is the oldest half-timbered house in Germany