Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Art Book 2016

The gift book in German is also the exhibition catalog 2016. The foreword and the Table of Contents are in English. In addition to 205 images and the winning pictures in the larger format, the art book contains chapters on the topics "Living with pictures", “Collecting art”, “Art, wine, poetry” (wine meditation), “Exhibition concept” and a detailed guide for mindful and enjoyable viewing of art and colors. In addition, there are 40 haiku poems, images with art objects, photos of the exhibitions and illustrations included. 

Explore the art book for 2016 in full:


There are two issues of the art book as follows:

Art book  2016 with images of the winners on the cover.
  • a free copy, which we send to all artists participants
  • the publisher’s issue with the ISBN 978-3-96103-030-9 or 3961030308

Art lovers can purchase the book worldwide in bookstores or from online retailers, such as the following:


The book can be found in more than 20 online stores. And it will be distributed via the German library network! It is cataloged in the German National Library. 

The art book 2016 in our German online journal:

In addition in our German online journal “Bernsteinrose”, the art book can be shared in the context of a greeting or congratulation, or given away as a free e-book or a gift. A promotional button on the sidebar draws the attention of all readers to the art book. 

This is a link to the corresponding article in the online journal: Bernsteinrose-Blog.

For Google translation of the chapters please visit the menu point ART BOOK!

Book participants can purchase any number of the book from the publisher at the reduced author's price. Please find more information here!

The book is based on our traveling exhibitions in 2015-16.