Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Haiku event in Germany, international contest and art book

In the future, the organizers, artist Kurt Ries and haiku poet Gabriele Walter, also plan to offer poet from around the globe the opportunity to present their haiku poems at the unique 'Enter into Art' events. For four years, the international installations have been taking place, featuring small-format pictures from around the world, in Cologne and other cities along the Rhine. Art and poetry will be even more strongly promoted in future projects - for mutual benefit!

This is an excellent opportunity to present your poetry! 

Art and gift book
Following our positive experiences on our joint projects involving artists from all over the world, we would now like to offer haiku poets around the globe the chance to present their poems at our international art events with small-format pictures.

The haiku will be integrated in an appealing way into the artistic design of the exhibition in Cologne. The haiku can be delivered in your mother tongue or German or English language and must be ready for publication! In its conception, the exhibition resembles a haiga installation on a grand scale, meaning that it is an excellent way to promote the mutual fertilization of art and poetry.

The annual exhibition catalog ‘Kunstretreat’ is designed in the form of a gift book, featuring haiku poems and art prints from around 50 countries, which is distributed worldwide to bookshops and online bookstores. The joint projects with international artists and poets are preceded by a long-standing collaboration with renowned publishing houses.

We look forward to your participation and dissemination in your poetry circle as well as in press, internet, radio and television!

Enter into Art-exhibition in Cologne 2017
By signing up to the haiku presentation, poets will receive the following benefits:
  • Promotion of the work at an art and haiku event in the Cologne-Mülheim Cultural Center from March 3-14, 2018, as part of the ‘Enter into Art’ main exhibition entitled ‘Fascination of Worldwide Art, Color and Meditation’
  • Publication of an haiku in the art and gift book ‘KUNSTRETREAT 2018’ including artworks from around the world
  • Chance to win an haiku prize, with the work featured in the German online journal ‘Bernsteinrose’ in the form of blog post.
  • The art book will be published also as an online catalog.
The haiku will be integrated into the artistic design of the exhibition in Cologne.

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Deadline: January 31, 2018