Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Call to artists: Enter into Art - LOUNGE 2

We kindly invite you to take part in our book project and contest with a small, innovative art show. You can freely choose the size, style and subject of your works of art, but the topic should be related to traveling (according to your interpretation). We only need three high-quality JPG files and the entry form by email. The book “A Fine Art Journey” will show your picture on a full page. It will be bilingual (English and German). The number of participants is limited. You can reserve your place by payment of the entry fee and sending in your JPG images (see Part 1 of our rules).  

Book project, contest “A Fine Art Journey”

Art show in Bonn-Königswinter and Cologne

Sign up here (rules, entry form):

Enter into Art - LOUNGE?

The “Enter into Art-Lounge” is one of our extraordinary offers. It includes our special gift book series, with a contest taking place as well. These are mixed media books and events. For our extra events, there are special rules separate from the big, annual exhibitions (small-scale format) and our annual art book.

Please have a look to the winners of the book project "A Fine Art Journey"!

It is, above all, the poetic context that sets our art books apart fromothers. This art book will be a gift book with travel poems. The book and the numerous awards are powerful PR tools. The book presentation takes place in the Studio Gallery "Apollinaire" in Bonn-K√∂nigswinter and in the city of Cologne with an exquisite video installation. It will also be documented on the Internet.  

Art Show at Studio Gallery Apollinaire -
Multimedia Art Lounge for Innovative Screen and Video Presentations
of Large-Scale Paintings and Art Objects

The book is based on our test project “Touring the World Through Art”: link to the previous events of “Touring the World through Art”.