Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Fairytale Art for Mozart - Märchenhafte Kunst für Mozart


Fairy tales used to be orally transmitted and kept changing in the process. Also the author of a literary fairy tale is free to let his imagination run wild and create fantastic wonder tales. Based on this idea, at the occasion of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 265th birthday and the 230th anniversary of his death, 64 artists from 33 countries came together to honor the world-famous composer with contemporary imagery. It was also 230 years ago that Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” was first performed. 

Fairytale Art for Mozart - Märchenhafte Kunst für Mozart

Book series LOUNGE 2 – volume IV

Editor: Gabriele Walter

International Artworks and Poems

Bilingual art gift book with 75 artworks and 29 haiku poems from 33 countries.

Relax and Rejoice with Art and Poetry from around the world

The editor of this fairy tale inspired gift book has divided the artworks from around the world into chapters and added selected haiku poems, quotes, slogans, and illustrations. The result is a multifaceted homage from the imaginative perspective of modern artists. During the first year after its completion, Mozart’s “Magic Flute” was performed over 100 times. It was only in this very last stretch of the composer’s short life that a fairy tale like happy ending came into view. Mozart left more than 600 completed works to posterity. It almost seems like the effortless ease of his music and its enchanting magic were able to lighten the tragedy of his life.

The printed book is available in the book trade and in internet bookshops. 
  • ISBN 978-3-98527-476-5 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Re Di Roma-Verlag, Language: English, German, Size: 21 x 21 cm. 

Book participants can purchase any number of the book from the publisher at the reduced author's price. Please find more information here!

Prize winners „Honorable Mentions“ as part of the book project:

  • Cover: Evan Siegel (USA) – 1st Prize
  • Back cover: Valentina Plishchina (USA), William Zuk (Canada) – 2nd Prize
  • Titel page: Gerhard Rasser (Austria) – 3rd Prize
  • Chapter pages with poems: Seven “Honorable Mentions” – please see in the book!

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