When and where will take place the exhibitions?

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The pillars of our PR concept

  1. Art installations
  2. Awards and competition
  3. Designed art book and poems
  4. Online journal with synergy and video
  5. Mindfully enjoy art and color
  6. Classical sculptures
  7. Lifestyle: living with pictures
  8. Homage to a famous person

As an artist one must not only ask which exhibitions will make pictures accessible to interested viewers, but also how an appropriate audience can be led to consider the artworks in detail and become moved to acquire them. 

As service provider in the field of arts funding we would like to invite you to take part in joint projects in Germany. Our exhibitions are international exhibitions. The world comes to Germany and shows us her art. We want to offer artists a successful platform here, in keeping with our country’s tradition of successful art events.

1. Art installations

With a wealth of experience as artistic designers/curators and artists/poet, and also as journalists and relaxation professionals, we have the insights to be able to penetrate an exhibition theme intellectually in order to display your pictures with artistic impetus and in an educational context.

We highlight both individual works and the overall artistic conception, and publish the images in the same way; we are increasingly making them available to the public on the Internet.

In our exhibitions, visitors can also view your pictures while listening to relaxing music on headphones. Viewers’ attention will increase, especially if the music changes with each color. In addition, we use colored light and lyrical soundscapes. And the exhibitions bring together various art objects. All this makes our exhibitions highly varied and highly attractive!

2. Awards and competition

To ensure that as many pictures as possible attract the utmost attention, we offer over 20 prizes, of which 12-13 prizes are determined by an international jury, thus achieving an extraordinarily high level of prestige.

We hope that any artist will be delighted to be among the finalists, who account for about one third of all entrants. Every winner will benefit enormously from their success and our PR.

The winners will be promoted via our websites, video and Facebook. Each winner will have their work featured in a very special post on our German blog journal. The top winners will also receive a dedicated solo exhibition with a special blog post. For every prize and recognition there is a banner that the artists can use for their PR on the Internet.

3. Designed art book and poems

The exhibition catalog is also a book to facilitate relaxation with art and colors. We designed our annual catalog as an art and gift book. Readers can enjoy viewing the pictures while relaxing in response to their colorful and lyrical settings.

Combining small pictures with short poems is based on the idea of establishing a relationship with festive greetings and gift books, since small-format pictures make desirable presents.

In the same wise we celebrate the book and your work on our German blog journal. There we offer free greetings, which many readers find attractive. If someone is looking for a greetings card, they are certainly interested in finding a suitable gift. And anyone with an interest in poetry is almost certainly interested in art.

4. Online journal with synergy and video

Most art lovers see your pictures on the Internet! And a majority of visitors to the exhibition arrive via the Internet, which is why we pay special attention to our online PR.

In addition to our English-language websites and, we include your images on our German online journal, located at

Here, international art is combined with themes of travel, nature, relaxation, well-being, wine and lifestyle in order to attract the attention of a wide circle of readers in a synergistic way.

Read more about our additional free service "Selected Artwork"!

5. Mindfully enjoy art and color

Through intense and mindful contemplation an image impresses itself easily, and will remain in the viewer’s lasting memory to promote his or her interest in art. For smaller works, this is especially important!

Visitors are inspired to “enter into” the art, meaning both relaxation with colors as well as intensive examination of the individual images. Color is understood and loved because it is that mysterious medium that connects people beyond all boundaries.

A meditation guide encourages readers to take a close look at the artworks, helping increase their interest in world art.

6. Classical sculptures

Classical sculptures attract a great deal of interest. This is why we arrange them alongside our exhibition of small pictures. We believe this approach gives the viewer the most harmonious overall impression of your work. 

At the same time, we also seek to complement the sculptures and small pictures with appropriate color schemes, given that, in ancient times, these sculptures would have been painted in color.

7. Lifestyle: living with pictures

Our lifestyle concept provides visitors with the perfect atmosphere to relax and meditate. They should feel as comfortable as they would in their own home environment and be at peace with works of art.

Unfortunately, large exhibition rooms rarely provide the optimal conditions for relaxation, which is why we established the ART RETREAT in conjunction with the surrounding nature.

This unusual presentation of works of art encourages visitors to find sanctuary on their own terms by experiencing joy in collecting and arranging art. So, the exhibition concept carries in itself the promotion of art and art appreciation, art deepened by ‘infiltrating’ the viewer.

8. Events with an homage to a famous person

Vivid themes can attract many prospective customers, as well as draw attention to the imagery in your work. The topics are mainly presented as online events and associated with the exhibitions. We offer also a cultural program with readings, film and music.

The artistic vistas of Guillaume Apollinaire are the basis of this PR pillar, partly because he once walked in the countryside surrounding the ART RETREAT Studio Gallery.

We will continue the concept of our first ART RETREAT exhibition, while combining the miniprint and mixed media exhibitions with a celebration of a representative theme, for example, on the work of a famous artist, poet or composer. 

Copyright for artistic performance of the exhibition concept: Kurt Ries and Gabriele Walter, Königswinter 2015, Germany