Interested in participating?

Call to artists


  • If you received an invitation from us, you are always welcome at our art events. Since we contacted you and you like our concept, feel free to sign up by the menu items PARTICIPATION or EXTRA!
  • If we are friends on the social web with you as mutual followers, then you may feel invited. If interested, please send us an email by referring to the network. We need your address for your entry.
  • If you are a lecturer at an art department or an art school, we will be glad to send you an invitation with our rules.
(Die Teilnahme von Künstlern aus Deutschland ist nur mit spezieller jährlicher Einladung möglich. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis!)


We are always pleased to receive recommendations of other artists.

  • If there are professional artists in your circle of friends and acquaintances who would like to participate in our exhibitions, please tell us their name and contact email. After we will send your friend an invitation with a reference to your recommendation
  • You can inform your art friend with a link to our exhibitions.

Interested in our art events?

Interested artists can – even without recommendation or invitation – apply for participation in the Enter into Art events. 
  • Please send us, in this case an email first - with your full address so that we can identify you as a person and artist. 
  • Usually we need your web address (or another overview of your work; or your CV with a few examples of your pictures / max. 500 KB file size).
  • Or you could send the link to your facebook profile or other network, online gallery, catalog, international contest, you once took part?
  • Please use our email address with the subject "enter into art - interested"! If you prefere, you could send us a letter by post.
Then you will get more information. After you have read our Rules, you can decide whether you want to participateOnce you're invited, we guarantee your participation in all exhibitions and services!

We also organize soloevents. If you are interested in a solo exhibition with special public relations (example), please contact us!

(We answer all legitim emails. If you get no response, please ask for a confirmation of receipt!  We will not respond to requests that do not specify a residential address and a true bio person / artist.)