Would you like to buy copies of an art book?

Artists who are displayed in any of our published issues with an ISBN have the right to order copies for a reduced author price. As soon as a book has been published, we will inform all participants about the author prices. You can then contact us or the publisher directly informing them that you are an artist or poet in the book.

  • Please send an email to Mr. Daniel Bieter in English or German!

Usually no free copy is included in our conditions. From 2020, it will be the same procedure for the book series Kunstretreat (small-format pictures).

There is no obligation to buy a certain number of books. The author prices are graded and if you buy 25 copies (or more), the price is reduced.

Relaxation with art, poetry and colors 

In addition to solo books, there are various book series that are accompanied by international contests. 

Series of our art gift books:
  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2, and 3 (large format artworks)
  • Kunstretreat (small format pictures)
  • Solo art books

The 'Enter into Art' books are gift books for relaxation with art, poetry and colors. This means that our books can also be a nice gift for someone!

Art lovers around the world can purchase the books in local bookstores or online, e.g., on Amazon. The books will be distributed via the German library network. They are cataloged in the German National Library and the Provincial Library of our NRW-district.
The English sections of our books are translated by professional translators (all of whom are native English speakers).

Depending on the respective conditions of participation there can be two issues of an art book. For special projects, we may print a free edition and distribute it among certain art-loving circles. Please read our rules carefully!

The art books in our German online journal:

In our German online journal "Bernsteinrose", the art book will be shared in the context of a greeting, as part of a congratulatory message, or given away as a free online magazine. A promotional button on the sidebar draws the attention of all readers to the art books.

Please click here for former issues of the art book "Kunstretreat": 
In future, also this book series will be published in two languages (English and German).