Would you like to buy copies of an art book?

Artists who are displayed in any of our published issues with an ISBN have the right to order copies for a reduced author price. As soon as a book has been published, we will inform all participants about the author prices. You can then contact the publisher informing him that you are an artist or poet in the book.

Rediroma-Verlag, Kremenholler Str. 53, 42857 Remscheid, Germany
Phone: 0049-2191-5923585, Fax: 0049-2191-5923586,
  • Please send an email to Mr. Daniel Bieter in English or GermanImportant: Please always include your full address in your email!
  • Please provide the ISBN number, the title and the volume / year of publication! Note whether there is a softcover or a hardcover edition of the book.

Usually no free copy is included in our conditions. From 2020, it will be the same procedure for the book series Art Retreat - Kunstretreat (small-format pictures).

There is no obligation to buy a certain number of books. The author prices are graded and if you buy 25 copies (or more), the price is reduced.

Alternatively you can buy our books in a first edition by the bookseller PEECHO. Please visit our Archiv website, menu ART BOOKS / BUY BOOKS for more information! We have been offering this additional service since June 2021.

"Enter into Art" art gift books

In addition to solo books, there are various book series.

Series of our art gift books:
  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2, and 3 (large format artworks)
  • Art Retreat - Kunstretreat (small format artworks)
  • Solo art books

Please note: Shipping carriers around the world are currently reporting delivery delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Depending on the destination, you should expect that your order will take an additional 2-4 weeks.  

The way we work

As editors and experts in public relations, we generally do not sell books. Instead, we aim to create books that contain good ideas and high quality artwork that will appeal to an international audience.

Usually, we do not give out free copies. Copies can be purchased from the publisher at a reduced author price. Publishing with a publisher is a valuable service which enhances an author’s reputation.

Online book for download and free services

In order to keep book prices down, since 2020 we have limited the number of artists / pages per book (please check the terms and conditions). We offer several book projects with different topics - usually available as softcover and hardcover - so you can choose your preference. We also offer free services such as competitions with valuable rewards, on-screen art shows in Cologne (book and artwork presentations) and a free online version of the book which you can download and share with your friends and art lovers.

Our art gift books contain poetry and other original creative text and illustrations of popular themes. This can greatly enhance the artists’ reputation. The design of our books is excellent, featuring brilliant professional texts, art slogans and interpretations, written by us specially for the artists.

There is no compulsory purchase of copies and there is no minimum purchase required. Books can be purchased at any time from the publisher – means also later (see above).

Increase your reputation by international art books

We offer books in a bilingual format, translated by professional native speakers. Our international books use English as a first language. Please read more about this in PART 2 and PART 3 of our terms and conditions.

We ensure that artists have independence (see our user contract). A book is a valuable tool by which artists can promote themselves in a targeted way. PR, enhancing artists’ reputations, has an indirect and long-term effect which can generate prestige and recognition, leading to high financial returns.

The texts in our books encourage readers to look closely at your works and to enjoy them. Through our PR strategy and gift book concept, the interplay of art, poetry / literature, classical music and cultural history is central to our book series - with prominent topics playing an important role.

A sense of permanence

The books will be distributed via the German library network. They are cataloged in the German National Library and the Provincial Library of our district.

All books are also available usually on Amazon and around 20 other internet book shops. They are all allocated a unique ISBN. Art lovers around the world can purchase the books in their local bookstores or online, to keep forever.

Maximum one year for each book project

After registering, artists have about six months to send us their artworks digitally (depending on the deadline, which can be shorter at the end of the registration period). Please refer carefully to our guidelines for registration to avoid mistakes in the book! After all the images are available, we usually need one year to prepare each book for printing. If everything goes well, things can go faster.

Our books are very sophisticated with complex content, which need much more time than a standard art catalog. The poems and photo collages for the design, for example, as well as the texts on the prominent topics are far from being created in a day. We ask for your patience and understanding: a good book is a lot of work! An anniversary can be a possible occasion (impuls for an hommage / theme) for a book, but not a reason to publish it in time for the anniversary, as our topics are always popular and effective. The anniversary is mentioned in the book, but does not prime role. Inviting suitable participants from all over the world takes time! 

We will keep you informed about the progress of the book. This also applies to our free services. Updated information is always available in the top menu CALL ARTISTS on our archive website The books are published sequentially.

The art books in our German online journal

In our German online journal "Bernsteinrose", the art book will be shared in the context of a greeting, as part of a congratulatory message, or given away as a free online magazine. A promotional button on the sidebar draws the attention of all readers to the art books.

We will do our best for you and wish you every success!