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In the right sidebar of this website, you can check the Google Translator!
(You can also copy the text of our rules and translate it into your language using https://translate.google.com/. If you prefer, we can send you our invitation, concept and rules in German).

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What's new in 2019?

Under the title “Enter into Art – LOUNGE”, we have launched a new series of events. As part of our art book publication program, there are also interesting contests and free art shows. We are looking forward to your participation in our extra opportunities! For more information, please read the next item “Enter into Art – LOUNGE”!

Enter into Art - LOUNGE?

The “Enter into Art – Lounge” is one of our extraordinary offers. This will include our special gift book series, mixed media books, but also events, as well as a contest. Invited artists can participate with works of art of any size, technique and style (no limitation on size for your works of art). As they can be provided digitally, we do not need any originals.

Usually each book will be presented after its publication at a private viewing with poetry reading and an art show (video installation) in the Studio Gallery “Apollinaire” in Bonn-Königswinter. There may be also art shows in other venues. The winners will be highlighted in these free art shows. Likewise, these presentations and the book will be documented on the Internet (online art show).

For our extra opportunities, there are special rules which are different to our big, annual contests (small-scale format) and our annual art book,
Kunstretreat. Please inform yourself via the menu item “EXTRA”. If you are interested in joining the “Enter into Art – Lounge” book program, please see the menu item “Interested?”.

Log in?

  • Please read the Part 1 of our Rules - specially the point "WORKS" and all things that are important for registration.
  • Please ask then first for our digital card or entry form! (It simplifies the registration and gives a good overview of the most important things.)

We will ship the Rules together with the invitation. If you have questions, please contact us!

Deadlines for the exhibition period?


Please use also our extra offers. See menu point EXTRA!

How do I use your special entry system (miniprint + mixed media)?

Feel free to choose the date of your entry. Please have a look at our timeline with the deadlines! With the exception of the “early bird” offer, the entry fee is always the same! The sooner you sign up, the more exhibitions and services you will receive. However, all participants can receive our annual art book and be considered for our awards.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


What is the early bird offer (miniprint + mixed media)?

If you are among the first 60 artists to register, you will receive the bonus video (featuring your work).

There is not always an early bird offering in conjunction with a reduced entry fee, but if this is possible then the following applies:
To benefit from the “early bird” rate, your confirmation of participation is required by the “early bird” deadline (payment of the reduced entry fee). Your digital card, pictures and signed entry form can be sent at a later date (but before the deadline of the exhibitions in which you wish to take part). 

What is required for participation (miniprint + mixed media)?

First, you need our invitation with detailed information. 

We need:
  • your full address
  • details of the images in the following form by email:
First and Last name Number of the picture, Country, Title, Year, Technique, Size in cm

Pablo Picasso 1, France, Portrait, 2013, Woodcut, 14 x 14 cm
Pablo Picasso 2, France, Morning, 2015, Digital print, Linocut, 7 x 8 cm
Pablo Picasso 3, France, Dream, 2009, Aquarell, 20 x 29 cm

Together with the pictures we need also the Entry form (last page in our Rules) with your signature.
  • The paper size for all techniques must not be larger than 20  x 29 cm (7.87 x 11.42 inch).
  • You are free to choose your subject, but it should be relaxing. (Please see also 'EXAMPLES' and the pictures of the participants in our ARCHIVE website https://enterintoart.com/!
  • Artworks only on paper; all pictures must be flat (max. 2 mm). No frames, no mounts, no glass. No stretched canvas!
  • Original print (any traditional or contemporary graphic process, including computer generated prints) and monotype. Painting, collage, drawing, watercolor and mixed media. Exlibris and art photography will be accepted!

What means "focusing on meditativ aspects"?

Meditation in the religious or esoteric sense plays no role! In our artistic exhibition and presentation PR-concept, we examine only the attentive and relaxing viewing of a work of art! See also AIMS AND TASKS!

What is included in the exhibitions period and offers?

Please read our call to artists in the right sidebar! It will be updated every year!

Art book (miniprint + mixed media)?

The annual art book (miniprint and mixed media) will be published for the entire exhibition period, in which a picture from each participating artist will be shown. The book, which includes poetry and other entertaining art-related themes, is also published as a gift book. 

Please see also the information about our extra opportunities - "Enter into Art - Lounge"!

What are prelude exhibitions or bonus events (miniprint + mixed media)?

The sooner you sign up, the more exhibitions you can take part in!

The prelude events fall within the exhibition period and will take place before the main and traveling exhibitions. (They can take place in our Studio Gallery in Bonn-Königswinter, although other venues may be used.) They are included in our offer, but participation is optional. Any pictures used in the prelude events must be delivered in time. All artwork will also be displayed in the larger exhibitions of the next year.

Awards and Rewards (miniprint + mixed media)?

Annually awards will be made by 8 – 12 international jurors. 
  • There are four main prizes each (first, second, third + special prize).
  • There are also 6 excellent and honorary prizes each.
  • In addition there are other special awards.
  • After a basic selection of the original pictures up to 30% finalists (nominated artists) will be selected by an international First Juror.


  • All prizes will be rewarded in the form of PR publication in German on the Internet + a certificat. All blog posts will be tagged with our winner banners. (Other awards will be awarded by a joint blog post.)
  • There are also rewards in the form that your pictures are shown on the book cover, back cover and front page. For details, refer respectively to the Rules.
  • Additional promotion on the Internet by posts and video or dia show for the winners.
  • The first prizes will be rewarded in the next year with a small solo exhibition (usually integrated into our exhibitions) or solo book. There will be also publicated a German blog post about each solo exhibition and solo book.
  • Nominated pictures (finalists) will be shown in a special post on the internet.
  • Also the jury members receive a certificat.
In addition, we can reward images as Selected Artwork! This happens irregularly and only if we find time for it!

The total value of the prizes is about 2000-3000 Euro + non-quantifiable value of a PR release.

What are the online events and PR themes?

The online events are an effective feature offered by “Enter into Art” in conjunction with exhibitions. In our online journal in German, popular topics in the field of art and culture are published and linked to the list of participants. In particular, the prelude exhibitions can be designed as a tribute to or in interaction with such a theme. Usually, the topic is then also incorporated into our cultural program of the main exhibition.

Your pictures do not have to be related to the event theme. You can choose your subject freely. The event theme is only relevant for materials edited by us.


The Prelude exhibitions in 2017 was centered on the following themes:

  • William Turner and the Rhine Romantic (Kulturbahnhof, Bad Breisig)

William Turner is a prominent figure of Rhine romance. Again and again, he visited this landscape and captured it in his pictures. Poems and legends of the romantic Rhine were integrated in the exhibition. In Bad Breisig, in addition we projected three films with relaxing music and William Turner’s landscape motifs of the River Rhine on to a wall. 

  • Ludwig van Beethoven and the poems of Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Studio Gallery "Apollinaire", Bonn-Königswinter)
Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. He has set to music many poems by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. 

What does the PR theme mean?

The PR themes serve as a cultural program that increases attention on your images. They are also permanent on the Internet.

Depending on the scope, a PR theme can be continued over a longer period of time. The relevant blog posts are closely linked with our participant lists and galleries and with our additional reward title of  "Selected Artwork". For more information, please visit also the AIMS and TASKS sections.

The special theme of an exhibition (prelude event), usually paying homage to a famous personality, will serve as the basis for the event’s online PR. It consists of illustrated blog posts on the topic, lectures or readings and other new creative ideasfor example, multimedia demonstrations. In addition, a chapter will be included in our art book on these topics.

If the event takes place in the Studio Gallery “Apollinaire” in Bonn-Königswinter, it also aims to convey our idea of a cozy art retreat (the lifestyle concept of “living with pictures”), which we also communicate through our art book. In particular, these events also may focus on the artistic views of Guillaume Apollinaire and his calligrams. As already mentioned, he worked nearby as a private tutor and walked in the beautiful landscape of the Studio Gallery. . 

Title of the exhibitions (miniprint and mixed media)?

Our annually events take place in diffrent towns, so that the year changes, and possibly also the places:


5th 'Enter into Art' International Installations 2018 / 2019, Germany 
(Annual Miniprint + Mixed Media)

If you want, you can add:

Intercultural art installation and presentation to promote smaller-scale works, including meditative aspects . 

Also you could add the special theme of our exhibitions:

'Fascination of worldwide art and color'
'Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire'

If you want to add the exhibition places:

Cologne: Cultural Center Köln-Mülheim (Kulturbunker)
Nassau: Municipal Museum Nassau (Leifheit Cultural Center)

Bonn: City Library Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Bonn-Königswinter: Studio Gallery "Apollinaire"
Bad Breisig: Kulturbahnhof (Cultural center)
Weißenthurm: Town Hall (Foyer)
Bernkastel-Kues: Museum Nicholas of Cusa
Kobern-Gondorf: Town Hall (Foyer)
Diez: House Eberhard (Cultural center)
Bad Ems: Townhall Foyer (district Bad Ems) 

Who organizes the exhibitions?

The organizer of the exhibitions is the 'Enter into Art' Team. Please contact our team for questions, applications and all other matters!

Are there any extra exhibitions or events?

These are usually small group exhibitions of about 20 - 30 participants with smaller gift books with poetry, for which the number of participants is limited. Our extraordinary exhibitions usually take place only once and can be associated with a special book offer. You can present several pieces of art on your own wall and in the book on a page or a double page. For artists who are also poets, there are special pages entitled “Art and Poetry”. 

There may also be additional offers in connection with our cultural program - for example "Touring the World through Art" in 2018-19. Information about current extra exhibitions can be found in the menu EXTRA.

Please see also the information about our extra opportunities - "Enter into Art - LOUNGE"!

How to get to our current exhibitions in Germany?

Duration, opening times, dates of the opening, cultural programs, addresses of exhibition centers and description, how to get there - for all Enter into Art - installations! Please see the updated link on our HOME!


  • The names of all participating artists and exhibited pictures are published on our ARCHIV website www.enterintoart.com.
  • Facebook page, (Miniprint joint art exhibitions, Germany) and
  • Youtube-Channel

Solo exhibitions?

More information you will find here:  Small is Big 

Please read also carefully our Rules!