What can I do if I do not understand English?

In the right sidebar of this website, you can check the Google Translator!
(You can also copy the text of our rules and translate it into your language using https://translate.google.com/. If you prefer, we can send you our invitation, concept and rules in German).

We will inform all participants about the progress of our art projects. Important: Please enter our email address into your email address book or email contact list, so that all emails arrive safely! You can find your address list in the menu bar of your email software. Please also make sure that the email address is correct!

What's new since 2020?

Since 2020 we will concentrate on the publication of art books. The focus of our art contests will be the respective book with accompanying images. Please read carfully our rules! We are editors and do not sell books! You pay for our extensive PR work as an editor. You can find out more in Part 3 of our Rules or here:


No print copies are included in the cost to publish. The artist can buy books for a reduced author price from the publisher. This has the advantage that there is no minimum purchase. You can also buy just one book and buy more at any time. (As usual, there are also postage costs / fees.)

Also we will continue to publish our art book Kunstretreat – featuring small-scale images – in conjunction with an competition. There will be also an annual contest for large-format pictures, which is free of charge and is carried out automatically for all participants of the LOUNGE book series.

It is most likely we will hold one book presentation per year. The event can take place in Cologne (or in another location where we have held past exhibitions). Our book presentations and art events will be free of charge.

Buy books?

You can always find the link to buy books on our archiv website in the upper menu ART BOOKS, lower menu BUY BOOKS:

Enter into Art - LOUNGE?

Under the title Enter into Art – LOUNGE, we have launched various book series. We are looking forward to your participation in our book projects with larger artworks! This includes our special gift books, which are mixed media books, and a contest. Invited artists can participate with works of art of any size, technique and style and also with art objects, sculptures, art installations etc. As artworks can be provided digitally, you do not need to send any originals.

Regarding larger artworks, there are special rules that differ to those of our contests with small-scale images and our art book, Kunstretreat. We will send you the Rules together with the invitation.

Our books are bilingual: English and German - translated by professional native speakers.

Series of our art gift books:

  • Enter into Art – LOUNGE 1, 2 and 3 (large format artworks)
  • Kunstretreat (small format pictures)
  • Solo art books

Log in?

  • Please read the Part 1 of our Rules - specially the point "WORKS" and all things that are important for registration.
  • Please ask then first for our short guideline "What is needed to sign up?" (It simplifies the registration and gives a good overview of the most important things.)
Please send your pictures by email using the following guidelines for each image: 3,000 – 4,000 KB in size, 300 dpi, one side of the image must be 20 cm long. If the volume is too large for your internet connection, you can send several emails (one image per email). But it is best to send them by WeTransfer: https://wetransfer.com/

Alternatively you may send us printed photos of your image files (approx. 10 x 15 cm) by letter. You can get the images printed in any drugstore or internet shop so it is not expensive. They should be glossy in order to provide us with a good color pattern. We also use the photos as giveaways at our presentations.

If you have questions, please contact us!


What is the early bird offer?

If you are among the first artists to register, your artwork will be included in the bonus video (featuring your work). The exact bonus number is determined separately for each project.

There is not always an Early Bird offering in conjunction with a reduced entry fee, but if this is possible then the following applies:

To benefit from the Early Bird rate, confirmation of your participation is required by the Early Bird deadline (payment of the reduced entry fee).

How to register?

First, you need our invitation with detailed information. 

We need:
  • your full living address
  • if there, your website address
  • details of the images in the following form by email:

First and Last name Number of the picture, Country, Title, Year, Technique, Size in cm

Pablo Picasso 1, France, Portrait, 2020, Oil on Canvas, 140 x 140 cm
Pablo Picasso 2, France, Morning, 2018, Digital Print, 70 x 50 cm
Pablo Picasso 3, France, Dream, 2009, Aquarell, 20 x 29 cm
  • You are free to choose your subject, but it should be relaxing. (Please see  the pictures of the participants in our ARCHIVE or book series website https://enterintoart.com/!
Just like the pattern, please. Please do not use exclusive capital letters, but as in the example!

Awards and Rewards?

Our awards and rewards are part of our free service. Our art contests are organized in conjunction with our book projects. For details, refer respectively to the Rules and our free service! 

There are annual jury awards and book design awards: 

1) Regardless of which book project you are participating, you will enter a free jury contest with an artwork. This is divided into an annual jury contest for large format images (LOUNGE contest) and a jury contest for small format images (ART RETREAT contest for miniprint and mixed media).

2) Additionally there are the book design awards referring to and depending on the conception of the respective book. These are also very valuable prizes in connection with the book design. Please see below!

The total value of each award category (small-scale pictures, large artworks or book design), is about EUR 2000-3000 plus non-quantifiable value of a PR press release.

If a book presentation takes place, award winning images can be highlighted there. This can be done in information panels with reduced repros or by a special on-screen presentation.

1. Jury Awards

There is an annual jury competition for large format artworks and a jury competition for small format images: 

a) All LOUNGE-book series are part of the annual contest for large artworks (with one selected artwork)
b) The book series "ART RETREAT" is part of the contest for small pictures (miniprint and mixed media).

In the competition with small-format pictures, up to 25 prizes are awarded; in the annual competition with large-format pictures, there are up to 16 prizes. The 'Enter into Art' jury awards are divided into Excellence Prizes, Honorary Prizes and Amber Awards. Respectively about 30% of finalists (nominated artists) will be selected by an international First Juror. In addition to the award winners finalists are also mentioned and highlighted on our English and German websites.

The jury and editorial prizes of the LOUNGE series are only announced on the Internet and not in the books! The award winning pictures of the small format contest are highlighted in the book "Art Retreat" as part of the book design and they are also published all together on the cover of  the book "Art Retreat".

The jury and editorial award ceremony for the LOUNGE series takes place once a year. Anyone who has paid up then for participation in a book will enter the competition with an artwork. Otherwise, their artwork will be included in the contest of the next following year. If you participate in several book projects, you will enter the annual contest with several artworks (usually one selected artwork per book).
The jury awards (Excellence Prizes) will be judged by several international jurors from different countries and continents: 
  • There are four main prizes each (first, second, third and special prize).
  • There are excellent and honorary prizes.
  • There are various additional awards for art techniques and styles (Amber Awards).
  • After a basic selection of the original pictures, up to 30% finalists (nominated artists) will be selected by an international First Juror.
The Honorary Prizes and the Amber Awards will be judged by our editorial team. 

Rewards for jury prizes and editorial prizes:

  • All prizes for large artworks will be rewarded in the form of PR publications in German on the InternetAll these blog posts with your artwork and our aesthetic consideration (mini websites) will be tagged with our winner banners. The additional prizes (Amber Awards) will be awarded by a joint blog post.
  • Nominated pictures (finalists) will be shown in a special post on the internet.
  • All winners will receive a certificate. Also the jury members receive a certificate.
  • With regard to the awards for small-format works of art, please note the special rules for the book series "Art Retreat".

2. Book design awards:

There are also very valuable rewards in the form of your picture being on the book cover, back cover, title page and other highlighted pages in the book. For details, refer respectively to the Rules. 

The 'Enter into Art' team selects these prizes according to the specifications of the book design. They are enormously instrumental in furthering your reputation!

Our free service?

Book presentation with art show:

If possible, the books will be presented during at least one of our book presentations with on-screen art shows.

The pictures of all artists of the LOUNGE-book series of the past year are available on screen (video presentation) and also as giveaways (small reproductions), if you sent us glossy paper photos of your pictures! Also the pictures of the ART RETREAT- series will be shown on-screen. 

Sustainable internet documentation:

The participating artworks will be documented as sustainable virtual events on both our English website www.enterintoart.com (ARCHIVE) and in our German internet magazine www.meditaterra.de (Bernsteinrose-Blog).
  • The books will be featured with links to the online book.
  • Participating images may also be published on www.enter-into-art.com and on our internet networks.
  • All awards / prizes are also presented free of charge on the Internet.
The images of all participants of our book series “Kunstretreat” for small-scale pictures are published:
  • for one year in our special German online show (There the pictures are sorted by color!)
  • after this forever in the German Blog Archive
  • also forever in the English Archive.

International press:

What means "focusing on meditativ aspects"?

Meditation in the religious or esoteric sense plays no role! In our art book projects, presentations and events, we examine only the attentive and relaxing viewing of a work of art! See also AIMS AND TASKS!


What are the PR themes?

The PR topics are a special tradition of  "Enter into Art", which is based on our experience as PR specialists and many years of cooperation with famous publishers. They are an effective feature offered by us in conjunction with the art projects. They can be designed as a tribute to or in interaction with such a theme. The interplay of art, poetry and classical music plays a very special role in our books and events. Also in our online journal in German, popular topics in the field of art and culture are published. 

a) PR themes in the book series LOUNGE 2:

The books in the LOUNGE 2 series usually have a specific topic in connection with a well-known personality or other themes from the cultural field. The artworks in these books should relate in some way to the theme (The artists should let their imagination run wild as possible, so that the content will be as diverse as possible.) If there is any special theme, you will find more explanations in the respective rules. This is different from the other book series!

Examples: "Moonlight Sonatas for Beethoven" or "Flowers for Monet"

b) PR themes in the book series LOUNGE 1 and 3 + "ART RETREAT":

Please note: The PR topics of these book series are usually only known in the course of the publication, because in these books it is by no means imperative that the artworks refer to the PR topics! The PR themes serve just as an instrument that increases your reputation and the attention on your images. The artists can freely choose the subject of their artworks. The PR themes will be found in special chapters of our books.


In each book of the series "Excellent Art" (LOUNGE 3) a music suggestion from the classical field will be published: 
  • "The Seasons" of Joseph Haydn (Excellent Art 2020)

The Prelude events in 2017 were centered on the following themes:

  • William Turner and the Rhine Romantic

William Turner is a prominent figure of Rhine romance. Again and again, he visited this landscape and captured it in his pictures. Poems and legends of the romantic Rhine are integrated in our German online journal. In addition we projected films with relaxing music and William Turner’s landscape motifs of the River Rhine. 

  • Ludwig van Beethoven and the poems of Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. He has set to music many poems by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

The PR themes will continue our tradition of bringing together visual arts with poetry and music.

Depending on the scope, a PR theme can be continued over a longer period of time. The relevant blog posts are closely linked with our participant lists and artwork galleries and with our additional reward title of  "Selected Artwork". For more information, please visit also the AIMS and TASKS sections.

Who organizes the projects?

Please contact us for questions, applications and all other matters!


  • German online journal, in which we expanded the online show with the category “Artistic pleasure”. On this blog, we publish regularly posts, touching on the areas of travel, relaxation and mindfulness, poetry/nature, art, lifestyle and congratulations. In addition to the "Art Excellence" posts for the winners and featured artists of our international projects, we published all images of our exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions?

More information you will find here:  Small is Big 

Please also read carefully the rules of each new project!