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book projects, contests and art events in Germany

Annually exhibitions to promote your works

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The intercultural art installation and presentation of small pictures with the guiding theme “Fascination of World Art and Color”, takes place annually in Germany. Along with the main exhibition in Cologne, there will be traveling exhibitions and Prelude events.

A unique art book (catalog) illustrating the events and all exhibited artworks in full color will be printed about the entire exhibition period. There are 24 awards and up to 50 - 100 nominated finalists. 

The shows are permanent available online on our ARCHIVE website www.enterintoart.com and in addition on our German blog journal www.meditaterra.de (Bernsteinrose-Blog). More information can be found in the top menu and also in the posts of the sidebar. 

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Our exhibition venues in ten towns on three rivers

On the Rhine:
Cologne: “Kulturbunker” Cultural Center Cologne-Mülheim; Königswinter: Studio Gallery “Apollinaire”; Bad Breisig: Cultural Center  “Kulturbahnhof”; Weißenthurm: Town Hall Foyer: Bonn: City Library Bonn-Bad Godesberg

On the Moselle:
Bernkastel-Kues: Museum Nicholas of Cusa; Kobern-Gondorf: Town Hall Foyer

On the Lahn: 
Nassau: Günter Leifheit Cultural Center – Municipal Museum of Nassau; Diez: Cultural Center  “House Eberhard”; Bad Ems: Town Hall Foyer

Interested artists can apply at any time: Interested? 
After you have been invited, we guarantee your participation! Please have also a look to our ARCHIV!

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Welcome to our exhibitions! If you want to travel to Cologne, here is the link of Cologne-Tourisme. And here are the links to the Bonn-TourismeRhine-Lahn-TourismeBad Breisig-Tourisme + WeißenthurmKobern-Gondorf (Mosel), Bernkastel-Kues