1. English online show

After the main opening of the exhibition season in Cologne, all exhibited pictures are published on our English ARCHIVE website:
Please see also the upper menu point ARCHIVE ! In addition there you will find photo tours of the exhibitions and other related links. 

2. Online shows available on the German 

travel and relaxation blog “Bernsteinrose” or

(You can use the "Google translate" there in the footer of the website or in the right sidebar. The best result you get, if you translate into English. English and German belong to a language family.)

Every year our German online show will be updated with the small-format pictures from our past exhibition period. After that the pictures from the previous years will be permanently displayed in the German blog archive.

(Please note: As they were optional, the “Big Pictures” works are only online! Please do not send us any big pictures!)

In addition to local art installations in Germany, we have also established a German online show with the same objectivewhich is to help art lovers consider images in a mindful and relaxed way. Art friends can look at art images with relaxing music. Also available to online visitors is a general introduction to mindful meditation in relation to color and art, which is applicable for all images.

The German Online Gallery

The German online show consists of two parts:

1. Virtuelle Kunstinstallation - INTERNATIONAL ART (Gallery in the upper menu)
  • Gallery of exhibited artworks - pictures will be shown for one year
2. “Art Enjoyment” category on the “Bernsteinrose” blog journal (menu below) 
  • with the ONLINE-GALLERY (ARCHIVE) - your pictures will be shown forever!

1. About the annual gallery in the upper menu: In the upper menu bar of our website, you can find the gallery "Virtual Art Installation: ART INTERNATIONAL" (in German: "Virtuelle Kunstinstallation: ART INTERNATIONAL"):

The gallery, where the artworks from all over the world are exhibited for one year, is sorted according to color and embedded in our intercultural art concept. In addition to the meditative arrangement of the images, the online show includes poetry and relaxing music (possibly sounds from nature), as well as graphics, which are optionally configured with videos according to our conceptual philosophy.

However, in the German blog archive of the gallery (category "Kunstgenuss" / "Online-Galerie") after one year all pictures will be publicated too and there they will be available forever! 

2. About Art Enjoyment: Slightly below the upper menu bar, you can find the blog menu bar where the “Art Enjoyment” (in German "KUNSTgenuss”) category is listed.

The subcategory "Relax with art and color" is closely linked to the gallery. Here we publish meditation instructions and information on the different colors, along with artistic designs.

Google translation of the above linked pages into English without pictures:

After a year, the images will be published in our German online archive in the course of a few weeks, where they can be seen forever!

What is the content of the German blog journal?

Since 2010, we have published two to three posts per week on our travel and relaxation blog, “Bernsteinrose” (Amber Rose blog). The motto of this blog is ‘Travel in leisure, relax in life’. The elevator pitch for the blog is:

Relaxation and inspirational travel: travel tips, spiced up with lifestyle, art and poetry. Guided relaxation and deceleration through enjoyment and mindfulness meditation suitable for holidays and the everyday. Free greetings cards and videos.

The masthead of our German internet presence includes the menu bar for the “meditaterra” website and the categories bar of the Reise- und Relaxblog “Bernsteinrose”.

Our blog journal receives an average of 400 to 500 user clicks per day. Readers are especially interested in travel, relaxation, poetry and art, as well as living style. We have integrated the "Color design for living spaces" theme into our art category because of the important role played by beautiful living art images. The online show is also closely linked with our very popular greeting cards category. In all its charming diversity, the online show can also be viewed as a market of exotic treasures and affordable art gifts from around the world.

Example with birthday greetings!

Selected artworks – online events:

As part of our sustained ONLINE EVENTS we will promote your artworks by publishing them in conjunction with popular topics (well-known personalities from literature, music and art, poems or greetings, attractive destinations etc.).

Read more about!

Art Excellence – the basis of our awards and mission

In addition to the art categories "WETTBEWERB Kunst" and "KUNSTgenuss" there is the "Art Excellence" subcategory in the German Bernsteinrose-Blog. There are two ways for a longer blog post to be uploaded to our online show:
  • If a work of art wins an award, there will be published a German post about the picture in the “Art Excellence” subcategory.
  • If an artist pays a listing fee for a feature (blog post) on one of his or her works of art.
For more informations please read our blog post

 "Art meditations on your pictures: public relations in German and English"

or the menu item: PR FOR YOU.

The free publication of the pictures in both German online galleries of exhibited artworks is included in the annual participation in our local exhibitions.

In the other subcategories, we write about topics concerning art and pleasure, mindful meditation, color, poetry, sculpture, relaxation, sound and music. There you will also find art tips and other art-related matters. In addition, the solo exhibitions of the award-winners are presented here!