Art contemplations on your pictures

You might be interested in the German “Art Excellence” blog category, under which we publish articles that you can order from us. Here is a link to an example in the “Art “Excellence” category on our German blog journal:

Here is the link to the category "Art Excellence" with more blog posts:

(If you enter the links in Google Translate, you can read the content in English or any other language in order to roughly understand it!)

The category is promoted on our congratulations pages, so that these blog posts can be sent or linked instead of a Post Card Greeting. (Example: "Für Kunstliebhaber")

Public relations in German & English

Meditation with art and color and music via headphones
Here you can also find more information about our intentions, as well as important questions that we wish to answer:

You can order:

  • Blog post with an art meditation in German on a picture to be published under the "Art Excellence" category on (
  • Translation of the above blog post into English and additional publication under the "Art Excellence" category on
  • Blog post with an art meditation in English on a picture only to be published under the "Art Excellence" category on
Further pictures and music:
  • Consideration of several images

Networking – free of charge:

The artist can order a free sharing link to the post on our Facebook or Google+ pages or on our page of the German network Xing. 

If you are interested in our additional offer of a blog post, which includes an art meditation on your picture, please request our online rules! (The offer is also for artists who do not participate in the current exhibitions.)

Additional offers by solo events

Additional support is also available. Alongside a solo exhibition in our studio gallery and three blog posts about the event, we also can publish an attractive personal gift book in Germany with pictures of your event (as well as in the form of a free online catalog) or a video with relaxing music. At the moment, we offer a special price for both. If you are interested in these offers, we will be pleased to send you further information.

Overall, then, we can offer you very special promotion comprising the following:

  • solo exhibition
  • blog posts
  • personal gift book
  • online catalog (gift book)
  • video with music

We can offer both overall and itemized pricing of the above (that is, you can select only the items that interest your). Please also ask us for our detailed rules for solo exhibitions. 

Additional PR support

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