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 Contests for small-scale and large artworks: read more in our FAQ

Awards will be made by several international jurors from different countries and continents:

  • There are four main prizes in each project or category (first, second, third and special prize).
  • There are also six awards for excellence and honorary prizes each.
  • There are additional awards for color, print, painting... and our "Amber Awards".
The winners will be rewarded, among other things, with blog posts on our German website. If you click on the links, you can read the posts. They will take the form of an aesthetic consideration, in which the award-winning images can be mindfully viewed. The winners will be informed when their piece is published. Please use the Google translation service on the bottom of the German page.

All award winners (and the jury members) will receive a certificate, which we will send after the art book has been published.

Links to the blog posts will follow after the publication - over the course of a year! We ask for patience! (Please meanwhile see also all the winner links below!)

24 winners 2020 / 2021 - 6th Enter into Art International:
Book project "Art Retreat 2020-21


  • Isao Kobayashi, Japan, 1st Prize
  • Vicky Tsalamata, Greece, 2nd Prize
  • Takanori Iwase, Japan, 3rd Prize
  • Patricia Gagic, Canada, Excellence-Prize
  • Kathie Pettersson, Sweden, Excellence-Prize
  • Patricia Pascazzi, Argentina, Excellence-Prize
  • Masha Orlovich, Israel, Excellence-Prize
  • Ana Galvão, Portugal, Honorable Special Prize
  • Kana Kobayashi, Japan, Honorable Mention
  • Alina Jackiewicz-Kaczmarek, Poland, Honorable Mention
  • Ivana Gagić Kičinbači, Croatia, Amber Award
  • Yvan LaFontaine, Canada, Amber Award

Mixed Media:

  • Gerhard Rasser, Austria, 1sr Prize
  • Dorte Bundesen, 2nd Prize
  • Vike Pedersen, Denmark, 3rd Prize
  • David Whitfield, France, Excellence-Prize
  • Else Juhl Lundhus, Denmark, Excellence-Prize
  • Agron Bytyçi, Kosovo, Excellence-Prize
  • Sabrina Villaseñor V, Mexico, Excellence-Prize
  • Pamela Ecker, Austria, Honorable Special Prize
  • Rosa Viñas, Spain, Honorable Mention
  • Megan Wun Wong, Canada, Honorable Mention
  • Ai-Wen Wu Kratz, USA, Amber Award
  • Aliza Thomas, The Netherlands, Amber Award

Solo exhibitions for the 1st prizes:

  • Gerhard Rasser, Austria (mixed media)
  • Isao Kobayashi, Japan (print)

16 winners 2019 - Enter into Art - LOUNGE 2:

Book project "A Fine Art Journey"

Awards, winners, rewards - Lounge 2
Joint post:

24 winners 2018 / 2019 - 5th Enter into Art International Installations

(Fascination of worldwide art and color)

Mixed Media:

20 winners 2017 / 2018 - 4th Enter into Art International Installations


20 winners 2016 / 2017 - 3rd Enter into Art International Installations.

Solo exhibitions of the first 3 winners in Cologne:

20 winners 2015 / 2016 - 2nd Enter into Art International Installations

Solo exhibitions of the first 3 winners:

And here is our music video with the award-winning pictures 2016 / 2017:

And here is our music video with the award-winning pictures 2015 / 2016:

The video was part of our cultural program “Small is Big” – art and wine with selected images from the exhibition in large format and with professional explanations.