As part of our sustained ONLINE EVENTS we will promote your artworks by publishing them in conjunction with popular topics (well-known personalities from literature, music and art, poems or greetings, attractive destinations etc.).

Selected artworks – online events

The blog posts for art lovers are published in our German online journal “Bernsteinrose”. We usually choose images from our current participants, but also of previous artworks, if they are appropriate.

You will find them in the blog category:
ONLINE-EVENTS (Selected Artworks)
(Main category “WETTBEWERB Kunst”)

The latest update is always at the top. We inform all artists by email whose pictures have been selected for this kind of blog posts. The artworks are shown free of charge in the blog post for a certain period of time before being exchanged.

(There, you will find “Google Translate” at the footer of the website or on the right sidebar. You will get the best results if you translate into English. English and German belong to the same language family.)

If you want, you can copy the golden banner “Selected Artworks” for sharing the post with your network.

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